2012 NFL Week 11 Breakdown: St. Louis Rams vs. New York Jets


In this out of conference match up featuring the league’s most talked about team for all the wrong reasons, expect the hometown St. Louis Rams to prevail over the disoriented Jets. This is a Rams team trending upwards following their tie in Candlestick against the 49ers, and I expect that the disappointment of not leaving there with the victory they deserved will only fuel them against the lowly Jets.

The Jets on the other hand are the same disaster sideshow they always are, following anonymous players completely accurate but entirely uncalled for criticism of Tim Tebow. Well, they weren’t all anonymous, as guard Matt Slauson put his name behind his statement.

On offense the Rams are starting to find their groove, and the Jets still suck. Seriously, they are horrible. Back to the Rams though, with the return of slot receiver and favorite target of Bradford’s, Danny Amendola, their passing attack doesn’t seem as ineffective as it once was. Throw in the fast developing Chris Givens and my god I think Sam Bradford might finally have some people to throw the ball to. It’s not just wide receiver and quarterback where the Rams are better than the Jets though, as Steven Jackson seems to have recaptured his youth and in combination with Darryl Richardson is part of a deadly one, two punch in the running game. The Jets lack the depth at almost every position on offense to keep up with most college teams, but against these Rams, there only hope will lie in the defense.

Both defenses have played well this year, and it is a much more even battle on this side of the ball. If it weren’t for the injuries suffered in the Jets secondary I just might have to give them the edge, but alas, they’ve lost both Revis and Trufant to injuries, so I can’t. Besides, this Rams defense is really starting to come together under Jeff Fisher’s tutelage, and with Janoris Jenkins coming back they should be even more difficult to play.

This matchups score will probably be misrepresentative of how lopsided this game will actually be, but I like the Rams to come out on top. I’m expecting the score will be 20-13 Rams, and Amendola will rack up the yards in this one. With this win and the almost assured loss coming the Cardinals way, this Rams team will have worked its way out of the NFC West’s last spot. Kudos to Jeff Fisher and all he’s done with this team. Assuming I’m right and they win that is.

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