2012 NFL Week 11 Breakdown: Colts vs. Patriots


From what I’ve read and heard about this Indy-Pats game this week, You’d think it was the 06’ AFC Championship game all over again. I can understand the Colt fan’s ambition, especially considering the last time they took the field.

A then 0-12 Colts team, deep into The Andrew Luck Race, fought a hard battle against the Pats at Foxboro with Dan Orlovsky under center. Gronk caught three touchdowns as the Pats posted a 31-3 lead going into the fourth quarter. The game was not as close as it looks on paper, not by a long shot. Orlovsky threw for 300 of his 350 yards in the fourth quarter, not by his incredible skill and a brilliant Colts’ game plan, but because of defensive indifference.

This time around it’s their savior Luck at quarterback for Indianapolis hopefuls, and there are plenty of rumblings of an upset. Conversely, “hope” is about as far as the upset dream will come. The game will look a lot more like the 45-7 rout that the Pats laid on the Rams two weeks ago than a lead-changing battle. The Pats have a full head of steam, and Brady matches up perfectly against the way the Colts are used to playing pass defense. Ridley will have a big day as they will likely bait the players in the box to step off to cover the slant and drag routes leaving big holes for Ridley or even Woodhead. A big average yards per carry spells long successful drives through the air for the Pats and a large differential.

Not to say the Colts haven’t looked pretty good. Luck has done well through the air, including a 433 yard performance two weeks ago, and the Colt defense has played very well. Luck is slowly winning me over as far as his talent level versus his hype, but I’m just warning and telling Colt fans to give him some time. The Colts are on the wagon, but they need to get a few more pieces to play around him. The kid is plenty capable of leading a team to the playoffs and even winning a game, but the Colts are not the elite team of old. Their patchwork pass defense and makeshift defensive line will be exposed by an evil villain of a football strategist named Belichick.

The game will be a hyped-up snoozer as the Pats initiate Luck to a 38-13 defeat.


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