2012 NFL Week 10 Power Rankings: Patriots, Dolphins, Jets, Bills


After nine weeks of action, where do AFC East teams stand in the grand scheme of the NFL? We break that down below.

New England Patriots- #7

I have the Patriots at number 7 in this week’s power ranking. They have won 2 in a row and are at home this week to face a struggling Bills team this week. The Patriots have the best offense, by far, in the NFL. The Patriots are 1st in total offense, 5th in passing offense, and 4th in rushing offense.

If the Patriots want to make any sort of serious noise in the playoffs this year, though, they will have to improve their defense, even if it’s just a slight improvement. The addition of Aqib Talib should help their horrendous secondary and perhaps a bye week will work wonders for Bill Bellichick’s defensive unit.

In the end, the good news for the Patriots, is that their offense will continue to mask the flaws of their defense and give them time to get things figured out.

Miami Dolphins- #15

The Dolphins are coming off a disappointing loss to the Colts and land at #15 this week. Losing to the Colts wasn’t all that surprising to me, but HOW they lost definitelywas. Their #1 third-down defense allowed a rookie-led offense to go 13 for 19 on 3rd down and their offense was only able to muster 3 second-half points against a pretty porous Colts defense.

The Dolphins have been a pleasant surprise to this point and are still in the playoff hunt at 4-4, but we’ll have to wait and see which Dolphins team shows up for the second half of the year.

New York Tebows- #23

Is it Tebow Time yet? That’s really the only thing most people want to know regarding the Jets these days.

As the Jets head to Seattle to face the Seahawks this weekend, they will be facing the same Seahawks who have already beaten Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers at home this year. Logic would then tell us that Mark Sanchez and the Jets offense are going to struggle mightily (what else is new?). Therefore this week should continue to raise the question as to “how much Mark Sanchez is Rex Ryan willing to endure before giving Tebow a shot?” 

Until then, the Jets will most likely continue to head the wrong way down the power rankings.

Buffalo Bills- #30

The Bills defense played shockingly well on the road against a rested Texans team. With that being said, that’s about the only positive to take from this past week. The Bills had 3 red zone chances and came away with 3 field goals. That isn’t going to get it done on the road in the NFL.

Now, at 3-5, it’s not like their season is by any means lost, however, their next 3 games are at New England, home against Miami, and at Indy. On paper, none of those games look good for Buffalo, so I have the bottom feeding at #30 this week.


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