2012 NFL Week 10 Picks: Lions, Rams, Broncos, Raiders, Falcons, Jets, Titans and More


With most of the favorites winning last week, a lot of players came away with positive results. Both of us at RotoExperts finished at 4-1 and both of our losses were the Giants. Guess we put too much faith into Eli Manning. The current leader sits at 31-13-1.

All In Kid

I knew picking five favorites wouldn’t work out great, but it nearly did. Only the Giants screwed up my 5-0 week.

Titans +6.0
Don’t get me wrong; I still like the Dolphins a bit more. A bit. Not by nearly a touchdown.

Rams +11.0
Call me crazy, but I just love to jump at double-digit spreads for divisional games.

Broncos -3.5
It’s not that I don’t think the Panthers can keep it close, it’s that I believe teams – and good defenses like Denver – know how to make Carolina one-dimensional, and that’s easy with the lack of a real run game.

Raiders +7.5
The Raiders and Carson Palmer (well, and my hyped Fantasy TE of the past few weeks, Brandon Myers) are rolling. Do I think Baltimore wins? Yes. By over a TD? Nope.

Lions -2.5
No Percy Harvin? No other real option outside of Adrian Peterson. He can beat teams on his own, but not defensively… unless Minnesota gets that desperate! Nah, Lions take this one.

Streak Master

Interesting how we both went into the week without a good feeling, but ended up pretty healthy. That’s what picking favorites does to you. I’m sitting roughly in the Top 50 of the SuperContest, so I guess there’s not much to complain about.

Raiders +7.5
The Ravens still haven’t done anything overly impressive since losing all those players to injury. The Browns outplayed them most of the game last week.

Lions -2.5
If Percy Harvin doesn’t go, I can’t see how the Vikings are going to win. They won on special teams alone earlier in the season against Detroit. Now the Lions are playing better defensively and offensively.

Falcons -2.5
I had the Texans, but then I saw this line. Wow, are the Saints still getting overrated? They just had a Monday night game and now face the Falcons. Matt Ryan is not Michael Vick. He will pick apart this defense and the Falcons have enough to stop Brees and company. Are you telling me the Falcons don’t have motivation to win in New Orleans?

Rams +11
The 49ers had trouble beating the Seahawks a few weeks ago. The Rams are very similar to the Seahawks.

Jets +6.5
Had the Chargers, but they have too many injuries right now on their lines. The Jets are coming off a bye and aren’t playing all that bad.

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