2012 NFL Draft: Minnesota Vikings Trade No. 3 Pick to Cleveland Browns

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With less than 20 minutes to go before the draft kicks off, we officially have our first puzzling trade of the night. The Minnesota Vikings, expected by just about everyone to select Matt Kalil at No. 3, have traded that third overall pick to the Cleveland Browns.

According to CBS Sports, The Browns gave up their fourth, fifth and seventh-round picks in this year’s draft to pull this off. This was presumably done to get Trent Richardson, the stud running back out of Alabama that everyone loves.

So why did the Browns make this move? Two options:

One, they got word that someone was going to try to move up and swap picks with the Vikings to steal Richardson. That would make some sense given the fact that Kalil would likely still be on the board pretty far down. So, theoretically, the Vikings could have traded down, gotten additional picks from someone else, and still gotten Kalil later. With this move, the Browns ensure that nobody else moves up to steal Richardson.

Two, they got bluffed the eff out by the Vikings, who acted like someone was trading up to get Richardson when in reality that wasn’t the case.

The truth will come out eventually.

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