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2012 NFL Super Bowl Odds: Patriots, Packers, 49ers on Top; Giants, Cowboys Not in Top 10

They may be the ones who are kicking off the 2012 NFL season, but neither the New York Giants nor the Dallas Cowboys are viewed as favorites win the Super Bowl come year’s end.

According to the good folks at Bovada, the New England Patriots, Green Bay Packers, San Francisco 49ers, Houston Texans and Philadelphia Eagles all figure to have better odds of winning a chip this year than the two NFC East teams who have stolen most of football’s headlines over the past week.

Now, to be fair, nobody saw the Giants coming last year. Discounting Tom Coughlin and Co. is never smart. That said, given the fluke-ish way that they won in 2012, it’s sort of hard to consider New York a legitimate Super Bowl threat a la New England and Green Bay. Similarly, on paper at least, Dallas looks way too messed up to be a legitimate contender.

It’s hard to find fault with any of the five teams that Bovada has atop their odds list, but things get a little murkier the further down you go.

Inexplicably, the Philadelphia Eagles are sixth on the list – ahead of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Chicago Bears and Baltimore Ravens. Michael Vick wasn’t even able to get through a single preseason game healthy, so counting on him to stay upright for a whole year doesn’t seem like the wisest of plans. And if Vick goes out, does anyone really think that Nick Foles can lead Andy Reid and Co. to the promise land?

Along the same lines, while nobody wants to discount Peyton Manning, it is worth noting that a.) he’s coming off many, many surgeries and b.) his squad’s schedule is brutal. It wouldn’t even be particularly shocking if they missed the playoffs – much less didn’t win a title.

Anyway, here is the odds breakdown for every team that has a legitimate shot at playing for a Super Bowl this year:

Patriots 11/2

Packers 6/1

Niners 9/1

Texans 12/1

Eagles 12/1

Steelers 14/1

Bears 15/1

Broncos 15/1

Ravens 18/1

Saints 18/1

Giants 18/1

Cowboys 22/1

Falcons 25/1

Lions 25/1

A few notes:

- If the Falcons get their stuff together, the NFC South is very, very winnable this year.

- Don’t be surprised if the Cowboys end up atop the NFC East.

- The Bears could shock the world and beat out the Packers if all goes right for them.

- Don’t be surprised if Alex Smith and his Niners don’t live up to expectations this year.

(Kudos Bovada)

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