2012 NFL Schedule Released: Sunday Night Games

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Over the last couple of years, Sunday Night Football has consistently been home to some of the best football around. That trend will continue in 2012 as all of the biggest stars and most intriguing teams will each find themselves on NBC at some point over the course of the season.

What immediately jumps off the page as soon as you look at this year’s lineup for Sunday nights is that there are no bad games. Literally, every single game on the agenda is solid in its own way. Sure, Texans vs. Bears in Week 10 and Ravens vs. Steelers in Week 11 may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but aside from those two games, everything is clearly geared towards mainstream, casual football fans.

Peyton Manning, Tim Tebow, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Michael Vick and Ben Roethlisberger are each slated to play on the main stage at least once this year, and given the flex options that NBC has, it’s probably safe to assume that any good game not currently on the agenda will be there before all is said and done.

Here is what Sunday Night Football will look like in 2012:

Week 1: Steelers vs. Broncos

Week 2: Lions vs. 49ers

Week 3: Patriots vs. Ravens

Week 4: Giants vs. Eagles

Week 5: Chargers vs. Saints

Week 6: Packers vs. Texans

Week 7: Steelers vs. Bengals

Week 8: Saints vs. Broncos

Week 9: Cowboys vs. Falcons

Week 10: Texans vs. Bears

Week 11: Ravens vs. Steelers

Week 12: Packers vs. Giants

Week 13: Eagles vs. Cowboys

Week 14: Lions vs. Packers

Week 15: 49ers vs. Patriots

Week 16: Chargers vs. Jets

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