2012 NFL Schedule Released: Thursday Night Games


Presumably in an effort to pump some life into the NFL Network, the league has decided to run Thursday Night games from the second week of the year all the way up until the 14th week. And while traditionally the NFL hasn’t given its own channel much to work with in terms of quality outings, this year’s lineup is pretty impressive.

A few games that immediately jump off the page: Chicago Bears versus Green Bay Packers in Week 2, New Orleans Saints versus Atlanta Falcons in Week 12, Denver Broncos versus Oakland Raiders in Week 13 and Cincinnati Bengals versus Philadelphia Eagles in Week 14.

There are obviously a lot of ho-hum games sprinkled in for flavor as well, but this is a noticeable step up from years past.

The full Thursday night schedule.

Week 2: Bears vs. Packers

Week 3: Giants vs. Panthers

Week 4: Browns vs. Ravens

Week 5: Cardinals vs. Rams

Week 6: Steelers vs. Titans

Week 7: Seahawks vs. 49ers

Week 8: Buccaneers vs. Vikings

Week 9: Chiefs vs. Chargers

Week 10: Colts vs. Jaguars

Week 11: Dolphins vs. Bills

Week 12: Texans vs. Lions and Redskins vs. Cowboys and Patriots vs. Jets (Thursday games, but not on NFL Network)

Week 13: Saints vs. Falcons

Week 14: Broncos vs. Raiders

Week 15: Bengals vs. Eagles

(Thank you, Joel Thorman)

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