2012 NFL Schedule Released: Monday Night Games


Over the years, Monday Night Football (MNF) has lost a little bit of its luster thanks to Sunday Night Football (SNF), what with the good folks at SNF constantly picking out the best games of the year for themselves and leaving fascinating battles like Jagaurs vs. Seahawks for Monday. This year, though, the outings on the agenda (for now) appear to be noticeably improved.

Really, going through the list, you don’t get to a dull game until Week 8 when the 49ers take on the sure-to-be-awful Cardinals. From there it will be all good games until Week 10 when Pittsburgh takes some time out of its postseason run to throw Kansas City a beating. After that, aside from Panthers vs. Eagles in Week 12, it’s nothing but thrillers all the way to the very end.

Monday nights are going to be pretty great this season.

Full schedule:

Week 1: Bengals vs. Ravens and Chargers vs. Raiders

Week 2: Broncos vs. Falcons

Week 3: Packers vs. Seahawks

Week 4: Bears vs. Cowboys

Week 5: Texans vs. Jets

Week 6: Broncos vs. Chargers

Week 7: Lions vs. Bears

Week 8: 49ers vs. Cardinals

Week 9: Eagles vs. Saints

Week 10:  Chiefs vs. Steelers

Week 11: Bears vs. 49ers

Week 12: Panthers vs. Eagles

Week 13: Giants vs. Redskins

Week 14: Texans vs. Patriots

Week 15: Jets vs. Titans

(via the NFL)

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