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2012 NFL Quick Hits Preview: Patriots, Jets, Bills, Dolphins, Steelers, Ravens, Texans and More

Here at Badcock Industries, we know that today's modern a-go-go world doesn't leave you a lot of time to digest detailed, heavily researched football previews. That's why Professor Badcock's NFL Preview comes pre-chewed and Prêt-à-Porter.

AFC East
New England Patriots once again have one of the easiest schedules in the league, and know how to win in the playoffs. The D gives up points but the O scores many more.

Buffalo Bills are a streaky team that ranges from decent to poo. Watch for a late-season surge vs. garbage opponents. They will play just well enough to agonize their fanbase.

New York Jets are about to crash ugly. The circus at QB and a rapidly-deteriorating defense will end with Coach Ryan fired. You read it here first!

Miami Dolphins are one of the most poorly-managed teams in the NFL. They also boast a first-time head coach, spotty talent and no hope on the horizon. Now that's a reality show.

AFC North
Pittsburgh Steelers are a stable franchise which produces solid teams year after year. They are not invulnerable in 2012, but will be rightly feared in the playoffs.

Baltimore Ravens will rely more on their run-and-bomb offense than their age-and-injury depleted defense. But that D remains wily and hungry, and a big year at QB could mean a title.

Cincinnati Bengals lack the coaching and management to become a true contender. 0-4 versus Steelers/Ravens last year, they can beat middling teams but will flop in the playoffs.

Cleveland Browns draft out of desperation but sit on their thumb during free agency. Holmgren and Shurmur will wear out their welcome shortly. This team's progress cannot even be measured.

AFC South
Houston Texans should have an easy route to the playoffs. A dropoff in their O-line and over-rated defense will keep them from beating anyone special.

Tennessee Titans might be competitive this year. Decent play out of their young QB and a scrappy D could yield a late-season surge if new Coach Munchak can keep them together.

Jacksonville Jaguars lack offensive playmakers besides a disgruntled MJD. They have a decent defense but no internal stability and it will show.

Indianapolis Colts have jettisoned almost their entire roster and hope to rebuild over the next few years. Will that taxpayer-funded dome be empty by then?

AFC West
Denver Broncos are poised to walk away with the division. The D makes plays, but the offense is not yet built around QB Manning. Can he survive until more pieces are in place?

Kansas City Chiefs have bolstered their personnel but too many key players must recover from serious injuries. I don't believe Coach Crennel can make the backups play over their heads.

Oakland Raiders won't mourn Al Davis for long. Although the team has talented lines, they will be hampered by previous managerial blunders for another year. They will compete, but lose.

San Diego Chargers squandered years of divisional mediocrity, and will tumble this year like so many yards of Coach Turner's neck skin. It will be hilarious.

Check back soon for the NFC preview, DC Skins preview and the launch of the 2012 IDYFT Pick'em. Also visit my new website for free chapters of my new novel, the Object:


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