2012 NFL Mock Draft V7.0: Picks 16-23


With the 2012 NFL Draft just around the corner, folks are hesitant to dub any portion of the proceedings uninteresting. Well, we did it once before and we’ll do it again now. This part of the draft, picks 16-23, will be the least fascinating of the whole show.

Outside of the New York Jets and Detroit Lions, there are no Super Bowl contenders in this segment of picks. So, all you’re really going to get here is a bunch of middle-of-the-pack franchises like the Cincinnati Bengals, Tennessee Titans, and Chicago Bears mining the field for an impact, but not game-changing prospect.

Can the Jets or Lions plug a single hole and make a legitimate run next year? Sure. Can anyone else picking here make the same claim? Probably not.

A few team-based storylines to watch for on Thursday: the Jets have been known to move up in drafts when they see a talent at the top of the board that they really like – could history repeat itself? The Bengals have two picks – which one will they use on the cornerback that we all know they will ultimately end up taking? The Chargers have to go pass rusher here, right? And will the move to bring in Brandon Marshall stop the Bears from selecting taking Michael Floyd if he’s still available?

Player-based storylines: will Floyd’s checkered off-the-field past scare away any suitors? Is the fact that Janoris Jenkins has a lot of kids with a lot of different women really the dealbreaker that ESPN is trying to make us believe it is? How does Robert Griffin III’s greatness impact the valuation of Kendall Wright?

We analyze all that and more in our projections for picks 16-23.

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Note: Tune in today to the Bottom Line Sports Show as they talk all things NFL and have one lucky NFL Draft prospect on to discuss what the future holds.

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