2012 NFL Mock Draft V7.0: Picks 1-32


After all the talk and endless speculation, the 2012 NFL Draft is finally here. You would think that by this point there would be some sort of consensus vision regarding how everything will turn out tonight. There isn't. We’re probably facing more uncertainty now than at any point prior. Despite all of the misinformation, smokescreens and general wishful thinking we've come across over the last few weeks, we've managed to put together our picture of how tonight will unfold. How accurate that picture will ultimately end up being remains to be seen, though.

[Ed. Note: We got destroyed. Here are the actual results.]

Major Team Storylines to Watch For:

Obviously what the Minnesota Vikings and Cleveland Browns end up doing will heavily impact everything that happens beneath those picks. If either team throws a curveball (read: Minnesota taking Morris Claiborne and/or Cleveland taking Justin Blackmon) then everyone’s draft boards will automatically take a hit.

Will the Miami Dolphins finally nab the "franchise quarterback" they've wanted ever since the offseason began?

What will teams like the Jacksonville Jaguars and Buffalo Bills, who desperately want to trade out of their picks, end up doing?

What direction will teams like the Kansas City Chiefs, Seattle Seahawks, Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles and New York Jets who don’t have one specific glaring hole go in?

Will the Houston Texans aim to replace Mario Williams or pick up another wide receiver? Along the same lines, do the Denver Broncos try to find a weapon for Peyton Manning or address the defense?

Do the New England Patriots package their picks and try to move up? Or maybe package their picks and trade for an established player?

What do the defending Super Bowl champs end up doing?

Major Player Storylines to Watch For:

If Matt Kalil doesn’t go at No. 3 to the Vikings or No. 6 to the St. Louis Rams, how low does he fall?

Trent Richardson’s value has fluctuated since Day 1 (because of the weird way we look at running backs, not because of questions about his talent) – where does he ultimately go?

How many picks after Justin Blackmon will Michael Floyd end up getting selected?

After Blackmon and Floyd are off the board, what’s the gap going to be between them and Kendall Wright?

How far does Dontari Poe drop?

Who will get the two defensive players whose stocks are at their hottest heading into Thursday night – Mark Barron and Fletcher Cox?

After all this talk about “character concerns,” how far does Janoris Jenkins fall?

Who goes first out of Dre Kirkpatrick, Stephon Gilmore and Jenkins?

Will either Doug Martin or David Wilson go in the first round?

We attempt to answer all that and more in our final mock draft projections below.

[Ed. Note: We got destroyed. Here are the actual results.]

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Note: Tune in today to the Bottom Line Sports Show as they talk all things NFL and have one lucky NFL Draft prospect on to discuss what the future holds.

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