2012 NFL Mock Draft V6.0: Picks 1-7

With less than two weeks remaining before the 2012 NFL Draft, everything beyond the first three selections is just as much in doubt today as it was a month ago.

While we all generally acknowledge that Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III and Matt Kalil are coming off the board in that order, what happens after that is pure and undeniable guess work.

Full disclosure: after standing pat for two versions of our draft, we finally buckled under the pressure and altered the Cleveland Browns’ No. 4 selection. As a result, the entire draft changed dramatically – but we’re far more comfortable with it now than we were a week ago. Everything just seems to make more sense.

The Browns end up with a player that’s worthy of the high pick and lofty expectations they’ll bestow upon him. And then, because of that, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, St. Louis Rams and Miami Dolphins will all get the players that they will most likely end up selecting. From there, the domino effect will go all the way down the first round – ending with the defending champion New York Giants.

What does our new mock look like? You can check out picks Nos. 1-7 here.

[Check out Picks nos. 8-15 here]

[Check out Picks nos. 16-23 here]

[Check out Picks nos. 24-32 here]

Note: Tune in on Tuesday to the Bottom Line Sports Show as they talk all things NFL and have one lucky NFL Draft prospect on to discuss what the future holds.

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