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2012 NFL Mock Draft V2.0: Top 10 Available Offensive Tackles

After all the tape study, the combine measurements/workouts, and re-watching of tape, there has been slight movement in the post combine offensive tackle rankings.

Jayson Braddock and Dory LeBlanc used extensive criteria that included (but was not limited to) pass blocking, run blocking, pulling/trapping, initial quickness, down field quickness, physical makeup, and physicality into determining how those attributes translate to the NFL.

The ten-best prospects at the OT position are:

1. Matt Kalil – Southern Cal, rJr., 6’7” 306 Lbs. – Kalil is the cleanest offensive tackle prospect in this class. He obviously still has room to improve and has a frame that can easily support more weight, mainly on the bottom half. He will only get better and the product he’s already displaying is a top 5 pick.  EVEN

2. Cordy Glenn – Georgia, Jr., 6’5” 345 Lbs. – We view Cordy Glenn as the next Jason Peters. In an offensive tackle class with a lot of questions, we believe Glenn is the only player other than Kalil, that a franchise could draft this year with a clear conscience that they’ve found their franchise left tackle.  EVEN

3. Mike Adams – Ohio State, Sr., 6’7” 323 Lbs. – We initially liked Adams more than Reiff but waffled back and forth due to how well Riley blocked on running downs. Adams will get in an NFL weight room and strength won’t be a concern.  +1

4. Riley Reiff – Iowa, rJr, 6’6”, 313 Lbs. – Reiff scared us on film because he would always struggle with long armed defenders. After seeing his arm measurements in Indy, it all adds up. We still feel Reiff is an effective tackle but you can’t develop arm length.  -1

5. Jonathan Martin – Stanford, rJr., 6’5” 312 Lbs. – Our fear with Martin is that he was helped a lot at Stanford. Much in the same way that Peyton helped his offensive linemen. Martin was also bailed out by offensive line teammates a lot. We get a sense that Martin is at his plateau and won’t develop much past what you already see.  +1

6. Nate Potter – Boise State, rSr., 6’6” 303 Lbs. – Potter reminds us of last year’s prospect, Nate Solder. Potter moves well and showed assignment discipline at Boise. He performed well when asked to open lanes for Doug Martin and protect Kellen Moore.  -1

7. Jeff Allen – Illinois, Sr., 6’4” 306 Lbs – Allen worked out well at the combine and we liked what he showed on tape before. After reviewing his season again, we were impressed with his match ups with some top defensive linemen.  +4

8. James Brown – Troy, rSr., 6’3” 306 Lbs. – Our biggest concern with Brown was wondering if he was a guard or a tackle at the next level. Here’s another guy that we were pleased with a more up close look at his footwork in Indy. We feel Brown will be successful in the NFL at tackle and really liked the way he defended against a first round talent, in Andre Branch.  +4

9. Levy Adcock – Oklahoma State, Sr., 6’5” 322 Lbs. – Levy is a troubling one for us. They asked him to be versatile and routinely switch from left tackle to right tackle between series. Illinois asked the same of Jeff Allen and Allen seemed more consistent. When given his assignment in the NFL, he may develop into a more polished blocker or the inconsistency could be in his technique.  -1

10. Zebrie Sanders – Florida State, Sr., 6’6” 320 Lbs. – Whether it was his game film, the Senior Bowl, or whatever, we always saw the same from Sanders. He could destroy the number one defender on one play and then look foolish against a water boy on the next. We love his positives but fear his negatives. By this point in the talent pool, he will definitely be worth the risk.  -3

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Dory LeBlanc, co-hosts NFL Draft Cheat Sheet on RotoRadio and freelances for Not just a college sports enthusiast, Dory is also a fan of NFL, NHL, NBA, and MLB. Born outside Philly, she moved to Tampa, and now resides in Illinois, giving her a broad perspective on the sporting world. You may email Dory at or follow her on twitter @DoryLeBlanc


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