2012 NFL Mock Draft: Trent Richardson

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Richardson is a power back with good speed for a power guy. He has the thighs to power through physical defenders and the upper body to shatter arm tackles. He keeps his strong legs churning on short yardage and always lunges forward at the end of runs. For his size, you wouldn’t think his jump step would be so effective but it’s possibly his best attribute besides his physical nature.

On his quick stops, he throws a physical punch that will knock any defender off balance, while in pursuit. He has good vision and shows patience to wait for a cut while the hole develops. He cuts surprisingly well in the open field. He turns into a battling ram when he anticipates contact and lowers his head for impact. Trent is also able to protect the quarterback by planting his firm base and absorb the huge oncoming linemen.


You don’t always see the explosion at the snap but this can mostly be contributed to him having the patience to wait for the ideal situation. He lacks the elite speed that you would look for in drafting a running back in the top 10.


  • RB, Alabama, Jr.
  • Ht: 5’11
  • Wt: 224
  • 40 time: 4.55


You’re really grasping at straws when looking for negatives in Richardson’s game. He’s low risk and high reward. He could be the first running back to imitate Earl Campbell’s style since the “Tyler Rose”. So, that’s what makes this next statement difficult. I don’t draft running backs in the top 5 picks unless they are Adrian Peterson. I realize that Peterson had injury concerns coming out and that kept him out of the top 5. Peterson was elite in speed, elusiveness, power…almost everything. Richardson will be a great back and built to handle the NFL pounding.

But, even for a well built back like Richardson, it’s still a two back lead and it’s easier to find an effective running backs after the first than most other positions. I would love to have Trent on my team, no matter which team I rooted for but I couldn’t justify using a top 5 pick on him, unless I was set at almost every other position. If you are a team drafting in the top 5, you obviously have more problems than the running game. Now, if I’m a team that is a player or two away and one of those positions is running back, then, I would trade up and not be opposed to something similar as the Julio Jones trade from last year. Trent will help a team immediately.

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