2012 NFL Mock Draft: Top 10 Available Running Backs

After countless hours of watching game film, NFL Scout Jayson Braddock and NFL and NCAA Football Writer Dory LeBlanc have narrowed down the top ten running backs of the 2012 NFL Draft.

They used extensive criteria that included (but was not limited to) running inside and outside, elusiveness, speed, power, vision, durability, experience, receiving, blocking, physical makeup, agility, and productivity into determining how those attributes translate to the NFL.

The ten-best prospects at the RB position are:

  1. Trent Richardson, Alabama, Jr., 5’11” 224 Lbs. – Considered by many to be the best RB prospect since Adrian Peterson and we agree.
  2. Isaiah Pead, Cincinnati, Sr., 5’10” 193 Lbs. – Will be one of the most productive every down backs in the NFL in a zone blocking scheme.
  3. Doug Martin, Boise State, rSr., 5’9” 219 Lbs. – A team who kicked themselves for passing on Ray Rice won’t let it happen again.
  4. Cyrus Gray, Texas A&M, Sr., 5’10” 198 Lbs. – Everything and more than what Lamar Miller is being sold as.
  5. LaMichael James, Oregon, rJr., 5’9” 195 Lbs. – Don’t get blinded by the speed, he has more substance than he is given credit for.
  6. David Wilson, Virginia Tech, Jr., 5’10” 205 Lbs. – He will be developmental until he understands that running East to West is ineffective in the NFL.
  7. Tauren Poole, Tennessee, Sr., 5’10” 206 Lbs. – An untapped talent that was in a less-than-ideal environment in Tennessee. Will flourish in a professional, wanted atmosphere.
  8. Lamar Miller, Miami (FL), rSo., 5’11” 212 Lbs. – We can’t justify a one-trick pony being any closer to the top – no matter how quick that pony may be.
  9. Chris Polk, Washington, Sr., 5’11” 224 Lbs. – Teams won’t draft a powerful, short yardage back in the early rounds – no matter how flashy his highlights.
  10. Vick Ballard, Mississippi State, Sr., 5’11” 217 Lbs. – His value will increase the closer we get to April; he is a well-rounded RB who is exceptional in pass protection.

RBs on the bubble we’ll be watching closely during the Combine:

  1. Bernard Pierce, Temple, Jr., 6’0” 218 Lbs.
  2. Ronnie Hillman, San Diego State, rSo., 5’10” 190 Lbs.
  3. Robert Turbin, Utah State, rJr., 5’9” 216 Lbs.
  4. Brandon Bolden, Mississippi, Sr., 5’11” 220 Lbs.
  5. Lennon Creer, Louisiana Tech, rSr., 6’0” 222 Lbs.
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Dory LeBlanc, covers Gator sports for Gators First and BourbonMeyer.com. Not just a college sports enthusiast, Dory is also a fan of NFL, NHL, NBA, and MLB. Born outside Philly, she moved to Tampa, and now resides in Illinois, giving her a broad perspective on the sporting world. You can follow Dory on twitter @DoryLeBlanc


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