2012 NFL Mock Draft: Top 10 Available Quarterbacks

After countless hours of watching game film, Jayson Braddock and Dory LeBlanc have narrowed down the top ten quarterbacks of the 2012 NFL Draft.

They used extensive criteria that included (but was not limited to) accuracy, arm strength, mobility, setup/release, reading defenses, vision, decision making, durability, physical makeup, poise, and productivity into determining how those attributes translate to the NFL.

The ten-best prospects at the QB position are:

  1. Andrew Luck, Stanford, rJr., 6’4” 235 Lbs. – His football intelligence and prototypical NFL frame will give him the extra push to be the #1 pick overall.
  2. Robert Griffin III, Baylor, rJr., 6’2” 220 Lbs. – This year’s version of the new and improved dual threat, NFL quarterbacks.
  3. Nick Foles, Arizona, rSr., 6’5” 244 Lbs. – Highly efficient three year starter that improved year after year.
  4. Ryan Tannehill, Texas A&M, rSr., 6’4” 222 Lbs. – Huge upside but questions surround his decision making ability.
  5. Brandon Weeden, Oklahoma State, rSr., 6’4” 219 Lbs. – The former pitcher with the gun of an arm will fight against age and an old injury.
  6. BJ Coleman, Tennessee-Chattanooga, rSr., 6’3” 234 Lbs. – From Tennessee to Chattanooga, he has the skill set for a jump back up in competition.
  7. Russell Wilson, Wisconsin, rSr., 5’11” 203 Lbs. – Another former pro baseball player but with different issues; can he measure up to the pro game.
  8. Kirk Cousins, Michigan State, rSr., 6’2” 209 Lbs. – Looks the part until the pressure comes…then he pulls a  ”Gabbert”.
  9. Brock Osweiler, Arizona State, Jr., 6’7” 240 Lbs. – The most overrated quarterback in this class and will more than likely be overdrafted.
  10. GJ Kinne, Tulsa, rSr., 6’1” 234 Lbs. – Same story, different year: Gunslinger that Mommy and Daddy didn’t love enough to make 6’3”.
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Dory LeBlanc, covers Gator sports for Gators First and BourbonMeyer.com. Not just a college sports enthusiast, Dory is also a fan of NFL, NHL, NBA, and MLB. Born outside Philly, she moved to Tampa, and now resides in Illinois, giving her a broad perspective on the sporting world. You can follow Dory on twitter @DoryLeBlanc


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