2012 NFL Mock Draft: Top 10 Available Offensive Tackles

After countless hours of watching game film, Jayson Braddock and Dory LeBlanc have narrowed down the top ten offensive tackles of the 2012 NFL Draft.

They used extensive criteria that included (but was not limited to) pass blocking, run blocking, pulling/trapping, initial quickness, downfield quickness, physical makeup, and physicality into determining how those attributes translate to the NFL.

The ten-best prospects at the OT position are:

1. Matt Kalil – Southern Cal, rJr., 6’6” 295 Lbs. – The most technically sound of all offensive tackle prospects. While he may not be the best at any one thing, he’s great in almost everything.

2. Cordy Glenn – Georgia, Jr., 6’6” 346 Lbs. – Due to his weight and past experience playing on the interior of the line, some might believe him to be a Guard. We see his unique size an ability to move it as a weapon at tackle. Don’t think Carl Nicks when you see him, think Jason Peters.

3. Riley Reiff – Iowa, rJr, 6’6”, 300 Lbs. – Reiff is the last elite prospect in this year’s tackle class. Don’t take him being listed at 3 as a sign of lacking talent. We would gladly make Riley our franchise guy.

4. Mike Adams – Ohio State, Sr., 6’7” 323 Lbs. – It’s hard to say how the time off slowed his development. Him and the rest of the scarlet letter crew. (Because they wear the symbol of their sins on them. Witty, we know)

5. Nate Potter – Boise State, rSr., 6’6” 298 Lbs. – One of the most athletically gifted offensive tackles. Reminds of us Nate Solder from last year’s class.

6. Jonathan Martin – Stanford, rJr., 6’6” 305 Lbs. – There are some huge flaws in Martin’s game. Hopefully he develops his strengths and works out the weaknesses.

7. Zebrie Sanders – Florida State, Sr., 6’6” 308 Lbs. – Sanders is an odd one to figure out. Just as soon as we thought we had him sized up, there was another glitch in his matrix. We view him as one of the bigger boom or bust of this tackle class.

8. Levy Adcock – Oklahoma State, Sr., 6’5” 322 Lbs. – Adcock is intriguing because we would like to see how talented he could be if he was able to stay at one position for longer than a series. He can come in immediately and add depth at both tackle positions and take over at which is the biggest need in a year or two.

9. Markus Zusevics – Iowa, rSr., 6’5” 296 Lbs. – We call Markus the unsung hero…for two reasons actually. 1. We can’t say his last name and 2. If he didn’t play opposite of Reiff, he would probably be a top 5 offensive tackle in this class. No one knew how talented ___ was until he left the ____singing group and went solo. (We figure you could fill in the blanks to make it more interactive.)

10. Brandon Mosley – Auburn, Sr., 6’5” 305 Lbs. – Mosley is one of those upside type of guys. What you are seeing on his college film, isn’t close to his finished product. We love those former tight ends that switch to offensive tackle. He’ll continue to develop in the NFL and if he puts in the work, he could be the steal of the draft.

Several other offensive tackles were intriguing to us, and we will continue to keep an eye on these players who were on the bubble:

a. Jeff Allen – Illinois, Sr., 6’4” 306 Lbs.
b. Mitchell Schwartz – California, rSr., 6’5” 317 Lbs.
c. Andrew Datko – Florida State, Sr., 6’6” 321 Lbs.
d. Matt McCants – UAB, rSr., 6’6” 309 Lbs.
e. James Brown – Troy, rSr., 6’4” 307 Lbs.

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