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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Robert Griffin III


Robert is that new breed of hybrid quarterbacks, the type that uses their athleticism to make them a better passing threat instead of just relying on his feet. When he gets out of the pocket he is still a threat to throw, no matter if he rolls out to his left or right. He can sling a pass out while rolling with his body or back against it. He has a strong enough arm to still get these on the move passes down field.

Griffin has a great ability to escape, whether he’s running or avoiding sacks. When he steps into his throws, he puts the ball on a rope that can fit into any window. He also throws one of the quickest screens that I’ve ever seen. This will be a deadly blend with his deep ball accuracy. He loves to try and get behind the defense, as they adjust and sit back off the line, he’ll make them pay by getting the ball wide to his speed receivers early and allow them to have space to make defenders miss. Robert is capable of throwing to the spot as well as the receiver. If a offense uses his skill set right, he would be a great weapon with his track speed being the dessert and not the whole meal.


While Griffin does look to pass first, he doesn’t go through all of his progressions and likes to get the ball out fast. This might not sound bad but he will have to let routes develop at the next level. Because he’s so use to getting rid of the ball quick or running, he hasn’t developed that built in clock that makes him aware of the blindside rusher that may have come free.

When he’s releasing the ball under pressure he tends to swing open his hips and his accuracy is off. He’s so comfortable throwing on the run that he doesn’t set his feet even when the space / time provides for it. While he’s still able to get velocity on these throws, once again the accuracy is affected, even if just marginally. During the season, I liked what I saw from him but was troubled with the way he appears on field. I don’t see the 6’2 that he’s listed as. This will be something to watch for as we move forward and get an official height.


  • QB, Baylor, Jr.
  • Ht: 6’1
  • Wt: 215
  • 40 time: 4.48


Griffin is going to be an intriguing prospect as he has a ton of upside to go with his athletic ability. Teams will fall in love with him as he is more advanced than Mike Vick at the same age. He’s an intelligent kid that seems as if he would take to the NFL mentoring and fix the flaws that he does have. If he can learn to set his feet on every throw, he will be deadly. There will be several teams holding their breathe and crossing their fingers when Griffin steps on the scale for the first time.

Hopefully, for his and their sake, he comes in north of 6’1. Yes, typically you want to see a quarterback prospect at 6’3 + but in the case of Griffin, they know he’s not going to be that and are probably fearful that it’s going to come in close to 6’0. If Robert turns out to be 6’0, they’ll use him differently and adjust things around him. He’s a long strider when he comes back from center, he’ll get a deeper drop and have more plays with mobility as the focus point.

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