2012 NFL Mock Draft: Quinton Coples

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Coples is a natural athlete with god given athleticism. He’s obviously got great size and ability. After watching him at defensive tackle and defensive end, he’s proven to be more effective on the inside.

He gets a much better jump on the ball when playing inside. He also tracks the ball well while moving down the line from the defensive tackle position. Seems to always be involved or around the play when starting from inside. Shows a quicker burst through the gaps and takes away the passing lanes more often.


Just like Mario Williams was at NC State, he depends on his raw talent too often. Quinton hops up and tries to get around the outside of the offensive tackle or uses his size to throw the linemen off balance. This will become less frequent against the bigger offensive linemen in the NFL. It’s frustrating watching him on film as he waits for things to happen instead of making things happen.


  • DE/DT, North Carolina, Sr.
  • Ht: 6’6
  • Wt: 285
  • 40 time: 4.74


The lazy comparison that I’m hearing is that Coples could be the next Julius Peppers. They both played at UNC and close in size, that’s it. Coples isn’t the football player that Peppers is. Coples doesn’t have the work effort of of Julius.

Coples is similar to Mario Williams as I said before. They both can make plays thanks to being such rare athletes but Mario didn’t start building an array of moves until the last year or so. Coples hasn’t started on adding more dimensions to his game yet. He’s been productive and he looks the part, so people will just assume that he will become a better professional at the next level. It could happen but his ability to be lazy scares me. He doesn’t work on his craft and when the chips were down in 2011, he folded.

I would take an effort guy over a great athlete any day. But maybe that’s just me. He could play a ton of positions but I would use his unique frame in the middle of a defense. At least that way, he’s in the middle of the action and less likely to take plays off.

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