2012 NFL Mock Draft: Potential Wide Receiver Targets for Atlanta Falcons


As the draft gets closer we will be going position by position and looking at some potential targets that the Falcons might be looking at in the draft. Last year, the Falcons made the big splash with the Julio Jones trade. We also re-signed Harry Douglas this off-season. With three options ranging from good to great at the receiver position I think it's clear that the Falcons won't be going receiver early in the draft.

That being said, the Falcons did lose Eric Weems to the Bears so we could be looking at getting somebody late in the draft if the right person is available. Here are some receivers to keep an eye on that could fall around the sixth and seventh rounds to the Falcons.

Junior Hemingway, Michigan (6'1", 225)

Player Analysis via ProFootballWeekly.com: Thick, long-armed possession receiver who could be tried inside to utilize size and defl ate zones. Competitive, strong-handed in traffic.

B.J. Cunningham, Michigan State (6'1", 211)

Player Analysis via ProFootballWeekly.com: Big, long-limbed, competitive possession receiver who shows field awareness and strength after the catch despite just adequate speed.

Jermaine Kearse, Washington (6'0", 209)

Player Analysis via ProFootballWeekly.com: Lean-framed, well-built, athletic receiver with solid, if unspectacular, traits across the board, though his playmaking ability is not great enough to overlook persistent drops. Can make a living as a short-to-intermediate, No. 3 or No. 4 WR if he catches more consistently.

Juron Criner, Arizona (6'2", 224)

Player Analysis via NEPatriotsDraft.com: Elite size – Big play threat – Separates well down the field – Normally runs very crisp routes, doesn’t seem to lose speed coming out of breaks – Good, but not great hands – Positions his body well.

Player Analysis via ProFootballWeekly.com: Tall, big-framed, straight-linish, West Coast target who can haul in the deep ball and competes after the catch. Inconsistent hands.

Greg Childs, Arkansas (6'3", 219)

Player Analysis via NEPatriotsDraft.com: Childs was a superstar in the making before his devastating knee injury, derailed his career path. Despite having an poor senior season, Childs appears healthy and recovered speed wise from the injury. When healthy Childs possesses one of the best combinations of size, speed and length of anybody in the draft.

DeVier Posey, Ohio State (6'1", 211)

Player Analysis via NEPatriotsDraft.com: Can stretch the field vertically and make the big play; Tracks the ball well while the ball is in the air; Exhibits plus body control and the ability to adjust to poor throws; At his best when working the middle of the field; Makes catches in tight areas.

Player Analysis via ProFootballWeekly.com: Lean, finesse “X” receiver with a track background who lost 10 games of his senior season to suspensions stemming from receiving improper benefits. Is not explosive, nor is he a blazer, and will have to prove he can separate and is tough enough for the pro game.

T.J. Graham, NC State (5'11", 188)

Player Analysis via ProFootballWeekly.com: Lean, small-framed, tight-skinned, linear burner/return man with rare speed to hit the home run if given a seam.

Danny Coale, Virginia (5'11", 201)

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Player Analysis via Tom Melton Scouting: He’s got serious sleeper potential; He is all effort all the time and while he probably won’t go very high in the draft I would be shocked if he didn’t end up making a NFL roster and working his way into a contributing role.

Anybody catch your eye?

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