2012 NFL Mock Draft: Nick Toon


Nick Toon is a very good route runner who is physical off the line and can play in the slot or outside. He is physical off the line and uses his hands effectively to defeat press coverage on the inside or outside position.

He can stop on a dime and is precise in and out of his breaks. Sells the fake route well and makes quick cuts. Toon has flashes of great hands and can catch low and high balls well. Off the ball he can be an aggressive blocker. After the catch he is a strong runner who secures the ball and can shake and spin off arm tackles. Like many of the receivers in this draft, he does not have elite straight line speed, but has quick feet and can get up field well.


Toon drops too many easy catches is crucial situations. He does not have good extension and often allows the ball to fall to him which allows defenders to make plays. At times he takes bad angles with his blocking, throwing his shoulder into defenders and resorts to cut blocks allowing the defender to stop the ball.

In zone, he can get lazy on his routes, not playing through or selling them, but this doesn’t happen often. Toon has health injuries that will put a medical red flag on him that will be hard to overcome.


  • WR, Wisconsin, Sr.
  • Ht: 6’2”
  • Wt: 220
  • 40: 4.5


Nick is the son of Al Toon, who left Wisconsin as the all time career receiving leader with 131 catches, 2103 yards and 19 TDs (the record is now held by Lee Evans) and played for eight seasons in the NFL with the Jets. Nick played in a pro-style offense which allowed him to line up at different positions on and off the line. Toon does not need to greatly improve on his route running, as he is one of the strongest in this class, but he could work on selling them better. Although speed is a concern, he has a lot of upside that can be used in situations where he can rely mostly on well-timed routes and physicality.

His health and durability will be a concern due to missing time in 2010 with turf toe and a thigh bruise, and having left foot surgery before the 2011 season. He missed the Senior Bowl due to breaking scar tissue in his left foot while training in early January. Toon finished his senior season with 64 receptions for 926 yards and 10 TDs for a total of 171 receptions for 2447 yards and 18 TDs over his collegiate career.

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