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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Nick Perry


Perry thrives in getting extremely low on his power move. Due to this leverage combined with his athleticism, he’s able to get around the edge and fight through blocks. It helps that he can get violent with his arms to get the offensive lineman’s hands off him. With just a little separation he’s able to change direction and get the quick step back into the pocket.

He doesn’t go to it often but he is highly effective when he decides to use his spin move. If he knows that he won’t get to the quarterback, he automatically throws his arms up in the passing lanes when the quarterback starts his motion. Nick is very patient. He will wait back and watch the mobile quarterbacks and track them down the line.


My biggest pet peeve is his effort when the ball goes away from him. He doesn’t pursue these down fields or a lot of screens if the back is already way out ahead of him. For his unique size and speed, I was hoping to see more explosion off the ball but it’s not there.

When watching the last few minutes of the games he’s in, you can’t help but ask, “where has this urgency been?”. He plays like a mad man when the game is on the line in the last few moments. If he played like that every play, of every game, he could be special.


  • DE/OLB, Southern Cal, Jr.
  • Ht: 6’3
  • Wt: 250
  • 40 time: 4.62


Perry is definitely a rare athlete that is capable of playing well at the next level. I would be concerned using too high of a pick on a guy that doesn’t sell out on every play. Football in general is a game of inches, the NFL more so. You never know if the one play he doesn’t go all out is the one that cost his team the game. Some front offices will fall in love with what he does well and believe that with the right coaching he will become more professional. If he’s willing to do that, he could be special. If not, he will still be good for several big plays a game.

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