2012 NFL Mock Draft: Mike Adams


Adams is at his best when he gets his base set and immediately gets his arms on the defensive player. If he’s able to plant, he’s got a firm base and the defender isn’t getting out of his inside grip. Adams has some of the most active, violent hands of all the offensive tackle prospects.

He strives at battling for position in the trenches. He plays to the whistle on most plays and has a tendency to play past it when he wants to make a point. He’s got a strong kick out that keeps him well balanced without giving up the edge.


While Mike is great when he gets his arms on defenders, sometimes he gets over eager and lunges at them. Anytime he does this, he gets off balance and the defender either tosses him or maneuvers by him. Adams is also susceptible to giving up leverage. When he is beaten by the defender getting under him on one play, you can see him make a conscious effort to get lower on the next play.

On tape, he shows a weakness to unique looks. They usually go right by him as he is caught off guard and struggles to decipher who he should get. More so in 2011 then in past years, he struggles with his open field, second level blocking. Once again this is where his overreaching comes into play. The worst part of his game is how he combats the spin move…he doesn’t. Routinely beat by a decent to good spin.


  • OT, Ohio State
  • Ht: 6’7
  • Wt: 323
  • 40 time: 5.22


Mike Adams is a tough one to grade. You have to look at his 2010 film and his 2011 film. Watching his 2010 film, you could make a case for him being the top offensive tackle prospect. While his 2011 film still shows a top 5 talent at the position, he isn’t the same guy. So, you have to make the assertion whether it was the layoff that led to the decline or could it be something more severe, like not being the same guy due to his past injuries. When you mesh the two different Adams together, I still really like the prospect but I’m weary of the prior injuries. His stock will fluctuate drastically between different scouts

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