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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Michael Brockers


Brockers is more of a fighter than the top defensive tackle prospects. He depends on his physical nature as opposed to speed. He has great discipline of attacking with leverage. Michael is extremely active with his hands and goes to battle in the trenches on every snap.

Not only is he getting underneath the offensive lineman but when he does he gets separation and keeps them at a distance so that he may maneuver about to attack ball carriers. He also has the separation to get his arms up to make it harder on quarterbacks.


I don’t see the burst off the ball that I would like to. This puts him behind so he does always have to battle for every inch. The steady battle play after play will cause him to lose at the point of attack.


  • DE, LSU, Soph.
  • Ht: 6’6
  • Wt: 306
  • 40 time: 4.97


I would use the physical nature of Brockers in a 3-4 scheme at defensive end. He’s got great size, moves well, and has a fighter’s nature. Finding a quality 3-4 defensive end isn’t an easy task. Michael is built to hold up for the physical toll and also has enough technique to where he can make plays in the backfield. I wouldn’t ask him to be your typical 3-4 end that holds up the line and helps others make plays. He could be a force if a team pairs him with a play making outside linebacker. Imagine a duo like Justin Smith and Aldon Smith in San Francisco.

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