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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Melvin Ingram

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Ingram is a different animal. It’s hard to categorize him. He fools people with how quick he accelerates and changes direction. He has a powerful punch when he gets inside and gets the linemen rocking backwards. He’s going to battle all day on every play and wear down his opponent. He has a picture perfect spin move, great hands, a swim move.

He confuses his opponent and wears them down. They don’t know what to look for next and this gets them out of their comfort. He’s going to pursue the ball to both sidelines and from goal line to goal line. He’s the definition of high motor.


He has a delayed hitch at the snap that prevents him from flying off the ball and more importantly, it allows the offensive line to get set and anchor for his attack. While at 4-3 defensive end, he tends to get bottled up too much and you don’t get to see his athleticism. He’s more of an athlete than any specific position.


  • OLB/DT, South Carolina, Sr.
  • Ht: 6’2
  • Wt: 276
  • 40 time: 4.74


What is he? It is the question that you ask before and after every game you watch of his. He’s not the ideal size for any position. He is a game changer and of course you want him on your team but where do you put him at? His athleticism leads to mismatches when he’s playing defensive tackle. He can also stand and rush the passer.

No matter what the team that drafts him decides, he should be a play maker at the next level. The easy answer is, if you run a 3-4 draft him as an outside linebacker but if you like him and you run a 4-3, draft him as a defensive tackle. He can thrive as both. I don’t like him as a defensive end in either scheme.

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