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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Marvin Jones


Jones has a good but not great combo of size and speed. He has some of the most reliable hands, which oddly enough get underestimated at this time of year. He always goes up for the ball instead of waiting for it to come to him. He routinely catches it with his hands as opposed to letting into his body. He keeps amazing focus on the ball, even through all of the distractions of the defender and the boundaries.

He’s made a living in college by manipulating his body to get his feet in bounds while making insane grab after insane grab. Unlike the guy who wore the #1 jersey at Cal before him, he isn’t afraid to go over the middle. When ask to run the ball in reverses, he showed great vision and change of direction behind his blockers.


The physical aspect of his game is missing. At 6’2 he should be abusing the smaller corners and fighting through arm tackles. Broken tackles are few and far between for Marvin. He either made or miss a hundred spectacular catches in college by a matter of inches. He needs to run routes that allows him more room for error or NFL cornerbacks will just push him out of bounds while he’s in the air.


  • WR, Cal, Sr.
  • Ht: 6’2
  • Wt: 200
  • 40 time: 4.52


He’s a taller, faster Brandon Lloyd. Just like Lloyd it doesn’t matter if he’s “open” or not. If the quarterback throws it to his vicinity, he can manipulate his body and make the catch. Where he goes in the draft will depend on the team drafting him. If they value hands more than physicality, than a team may take Jones over a physical player like Mohamed Sanu. If their thinking is the opposite, than Marvin wouldn’t be their top choice in the early rounds.

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