2012 NFL Mock Draft: Lamar Miller



Miller is an exciting prospect because of the rare speed he brings. Some scouts will squint their eyes and hope to see Chris Johnson in the fog. While he has good size for his speed, he’s still small enough and fast enough to squeeze through the smallest, closing gaps. When he gets through the first level of defenders, he becomes an instant home run threat. He displays good hands when catching out of the backfield. Whether on runs or when receiving, he easily more comfortable in the open field and makes quicker, more decisive cuts.


What’s maddening about Miller is that for all that speed, he’s not shifty out of the backfield. When changing directions he has to take a hundred steps and there’s no fluidity to it. During this time, defenders are constantly closing on him. After the COD allows them to get within reach, the play is over, as he doesn’t break tackles well. For all of the speed he has, he lacks explosion when first getting the ball. If you timed a power back and Miller on consistently getting to the initial hole, the power back would win almost every time.


  • RB, Miami, Soph.
  • Ht: 5’11
  • Wt: 212
  • 40 time: 4.39


I see more Reggie Bush than Chris Johnson in Miller. What’s the point of having the ability of running 4.3 speed if you’re never in the opening to do it. Teams need to view Miller as a developmental player and not as a prospect that’s ready to contribute right away. Remember, you’re looking for starters in the first two rounds and he’s not close to that. Lamar could take to coaching and learn to be explosive as soon as the ball hits his gut but scouts grade what they see on tape and he’s not that guy right now.

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