2012 NFL Mock Draft: Josh Chapman



Josh easily gets the power position from underneath at the snap of the ball. While engaged, he follows the ball and controls the movement of the line. He has the ability to destroy interior lineman and stand up to double teams. Whether he decides to power his way into the backfield or stand his ground, he’s a guy that offenses have to plan around. At times he can get physical with his arms and attack the lineman’s hands. Whether he’s chopping down or hitting, Chapman is powerful with his arms.


He’s not going to blow you away from lateral movement. If the play goes away from his little area, more than likely he won’t factor into it, due to lack of range. I’m worried about his arm length. Either he doesn’t have long arms to get separation between him and the offensive linemen or he doesn’t use them well. He played most of the 2011 season on a torn ACL. He won’t be full go for awhile.


  • NT, Alabama, Sr.
  • Ht: 6’1
  • Wt: 319
  • 40 time: 5.24


Chapman deserves all the praise of being tough and a team guy for playing with an ACL tear for most of the 2011, Championship season but it will definitely hurt his draft stock. There really isn’t a great nose tackle in this draft class. So, instead of reaching on one early I would take Chapman in the mid rounds and wait for him to get healthy. If I was the team drafting Chapman though, I’d make sure that I had defensive ends that could move, to make up for his lack of range.

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