2012 NFL Mock Draft: Isaiah Pead

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Pead shows amazing cuts and great vision in every game he plays. He’s a magician running through the lanes and has ideal peripheral vision for the cut back. He has rapid feet and when you combine that with his vision, he becomes extremely elusive. His vision is helped by the fact that he’s patience and doesn’t panic when the designed hole isn’t open. Isaiah isn’t bothered by the arm tackles that he combats during his cuts in traffic and also adds an adequate stiff arm to help fend off defenders. When he catches the ball in routes, he’s an automatic match up nightmare for defenses.


Mental mistakes is the biggest flaw. He does stuff that makes you question his focus during plays. He has an upright running style that will lead to the occasional fumble, especially when surprised by the speed of NFL defenders. While in position, he doesn’t always secure the block in pass protection and will be a concern for getting on the field early. In the receiving game, he seems timid in traffic and has questionable hands.


  • RB, Cincinnati, Sr.
  • Ht: 5’10
  • Wt: 193
  • 40 time: 4.48


While I know that Pead will be effective in any running scheme, it would be a shame to seem him get drafted by a team that doesn’t run zone. Against my better judgement, I wouldn’t hesitate to overlook his flaws if I was drafting for a zone team. When watching Pead’s Cincinnati film, I feel as if I’m watching old college tape from a star NFL running back. I see Pead leading the NFL in rushing in the next few years, if he goes to…that’s right, a zone blocking team.

While there is severe concern over his blocking and receiving ability, I feel that there will be at least one team that will select him early and trust their development skills in those categories. He’s fluid as Arian Foster when he’s running out of the back field and when he actually catches the ball in routes. Teams let Foster go undrafted, they should be shot if they let this smaller version of him slip through their fingers again.

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