2012 NFL Mock Draft: Dwight Jones


Dwight Jones is a physical specimen and has ideal size for an NFL receiver. Can run well-timed routes and make adjustments to the ball effectively. Best route is the deep dig/Dagger, which he executed consistently throughout the 2011 season without much of a surrounding cast to draw away coverage. Jones also catches well over the middle (slants) and is also a threat on the perimeter and on fade routes.

He has been timed between 4.4-4.5 in the 40, which doesn’t give him elite speed, but film shows he has enough, especially for his size. His hands are suspect at times, but when focused can make highlight reel one-handers. After the catch Jones is a powerful runner who easily breaks tackles and can move his hips well when changing direction. He has a good sense of where he is in relation to the first down marker and will fight for the extra yardage. Jones has good balance and agile feet which have allowed him to catch overthrown sideline passes and stay inbounds.

He is physical in man coverage, repeatedly swatting away the defender with ease. When he concentrates, he is very good against zone coverage, leaping above smaller defenders for the ball and can catch well in traffic.


Jones is a body catcher and has a tendency to lose concentration which causes him to drop passes. He also can get lazy off the ball not finishing his blocks, however he is a solid blocker when focused. He wasn’t asked to run many routes at North Carolina, but the ones he did run he ran well. His speed may be somewhat of a concern on go and post routes. He is sluggish off the line and doesn’t get immediate separation, often relying too much on being physical.


  • WR, North Carolina, Sr.
  • Ht: 6’4”
  • Wt: 225
  • 40: 4.4.-4.5


Dwight Jones is a perplexing prospect that often left me shaking my head watching his film. As simply as I can put it, when he’s on he’s on and when he’s off he’s off. Against Virginia Tech (Nov 17th) Jones dropped a pass while anticipating a hit, but was impressive overall. In the Independence Bowl (Dec 26th) vs. Missouri Jones was inconsistent at best.

He made a great TD catch in the end zone and also showed his strength after the catch on a play action reception; but dropped a few catchable passes and bobbled the ball after a hit that resulted in a turnover. Unfortunately, he did not redeem himself in the Senior Bowl as he looked lazy all week in practice and was targeted only twice in the game – one for a 7-yard reception, the other resulted in an interception. In 2010 Jones caught 62 passes for 946 yards and 4 TDs and for his senior campaign he had 85 receptions for 1196 yards and 12 TDs.

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