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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Devon Still


It’s doesn’t take long to see that Devon likes to shoot the gap…over and over again. He’s made an art out of it but hasn’t worked on much else. His quick get off allows for penetration and usually helps to disrupt or end the play. He attacks when he smells blood in the water, as if he has another gear. This quick get off also allows him to beat double teams on occasions.

When he doesn’t beat the two he’s still strong enough to hold his ground and eat up space. Outside of the speed off the line, his go to move, that is effective, is his side step, slap. He’ll quickly kick to the outside of the lineman and slap them off balance with a powerful blow to the shoulder.


Still has a tendency to play too high. If he doesn’t get the quick step and comes off too high, then he usually doesn’t factor into the play. While what he does is great, he has to add more to his repertoire. If he just plans to get a quick first step through the gap at the next level and doesn’t mix it up, his career won’t last long. Like a race horse, Still gets out of the gates quick but when it’s time to get that momentum moving back another direction, it’s not as graceful.


  • DT, Penn State, Sr.
  • Ht: 6’5
  • Wt: 308
  • 40 time: 5.07


As I’ve been saying through this whole report, he will make his money doing what he did in college. They will line him up in a one gap system and tell him to go. He’s a flashy player, he looks the part when everything goes right. He’s not diverse, which makes him not NFL ready. He will come out and make some highlight type plays but he won’t be consistent early on.

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