2012 NFL Mock Draft: Cordy Glenn


It’s rare to see a guy this big be so fleet of foot. He has a wider base than most other offensive tackle prospects and can still kick out an adjust to oncoming defenders. There’s no other prospect that can anchor and re-anchor as fast as Glenn. After he anchors his base, no one will move him. He’s more physical with his block than most of the top offensive tackles in this class. If he needs to make up room on a wide defender, he has a surprising quick and effective cut block.


While he does have great feet for his size, he can still be had by the speed rush guys that know how to drop that inside shoulder when rounding the edge. He also shows a weakness versus disguised stunts. He’ll lose leverage if he doesn’t see the stunt coming and the defensive tackle gets in and under on his right side. Cordy can get down field and block but he has work to do in open space blocking on the second level.


  • OT, Georgia
  • Ht: 6’5
  • Wt: 345
  • 40 time: 5.11


Glenn has added value to a team that needs to improve the offensive line but has several holes to fill. He can play offensive tackle well at the next level but he’s also capable of kicking inside to offensive guard. A team could look to use Glenn to fill a void inside as a rookie and replace an aging vet within the coming years. They can also decide to just start him at offensive tackle right away as he will take some lumps but be able to defend a quarterback’s blind side.

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