2012 NFL Mock Draft: Cam Johnson

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Cam is a very strong and physical player. He uses this strength to get off of blocks and shut down the run. When he’s at his best in pursuing the passer, is when he uses this power in his bull rush. He gets great positioning and leverage and makes it hard for any lineman to anchor against him.

Even his speed rush is greatly benefited from his strength. Johnson gets his opponent kicking out and then hits him in his chest. The sudden strike allows Cam to usually toss the lineman aside so he can finish pursuit.


Johnson doesn’t offer a lot in the form of just flat out beating good to elite offensive tackles. He starts off with a late jump off the snap, then follows that up with decent speed at best and finally he’s not able to confuse the offensive lineman with a surprise change of direction.


  • DE, Virginia, Sr.
  • Ht: 6’4
  • Wt: 267
  • 40 time: 4.82


Cam is going to either develop a finesse side to his game or spend a career scratching and clawing for every tackle / sack in the power game. He can play the left defensive end position in the 4-3 scheme or make for a good 3-4 defensive end. I could find value for him in either system but would prefer to see him go to a 3-4 team and add more weight.

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