2012 NFL Mock Draft: Atlanta Falcons (V6.0)

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A couple of our writers (Matt and Zach) teamed up with Alex from the Falcoholic website to take part in the recent Mock Three draft. If you don't know what the "Mock One" is it's a website that uses mock drafters for each team and they move through the draft making choices as if they were the GMs. Here is what our guys came up with as well as their comments about their picks:

Second Round (#55): Lamar Miller, RB, Miami

Never imagined we would have a shot at Miller, and yet, here he is. Explosive player without too much wear on him. Should allow Atlanta to cut an expensive and aging Turner and replace him with Miller day one. Should take the bulk of carries between Jason Snelling and Jacquizz Rodgers.

Third Round (#84): Ladarius Green, TE, Louisiana

Atlanta has been waiting years for Gonzo's heir, and Green can develop and turn into a move TE that will drive defenses crazy. It feels weird to be passing over Orson Charles, but all GM's agreed to pass on him. Green has the better size, speed, athleticism and ability to be sober while driving. Charles has had a terrible offseason, making us question his drive and dedication, a huge problem for a guy who has been inconsistent on the field as well.

Fifth Round (#157): Miles Burris, OLB, San Diego State

After our targeted DT was off the board (or never on the board), we still decided to go defense and pick up Burris as a potential impact special teamer and situational pass rusher that can play when Nolan wants to put in some 3-4 formations.

Sixth Round (#192): Bradley Sowell, OT, Ole Miss

Huge OT from Ole Miss that has some solid athleticism for a developmental player. Nothing wrong with an All-SEC player who would at worst be a quality backup.

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Seventh Round (#229): Sean Richardson, S, Vanderbilt

The guys didn't put in any comments for this pick. Here is what Profootballweekly.com had to say about Richardson:

Long, straight-linish, see-and-go-reactor who looks the part and covers ground. However, is stiff in transition and soft-tempered in run support.

Seventh Round (#249): Cordarro Law, OLB, Southern Miss

We felt that this late in the draft that we were getting a steal with Cordarro Law. He will fit very well into Mike Nolans' multi-formation defense, and we think he has the ability to develop in an excellent pass rusher down the road.

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