2012 NFL Mock Draft: 10 Best Quarterbacks Available

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After all the tape study, the combine measurements/workouts, and re-watching of tape, there hasn’t been much movement but here are the post combine quarterback rankings. They used extensive criteria that included (but was not limited to) accuracy, arm strength, mobility, setup/release, reading defenses, vision, decision making, durability, physical makeup, poise, and productivity into determining how those attributes translate to the NFL.

1. Andrew Luck, Stanford, rJr., 6’4” 235 Lbs. – It’s a close competition between Luck and RG3. The combine didn’t do anything to change this. Luck is as athletic as the tape shows and Griffin is a smart and fast as we already knew. EVEN

2. Robert Griffin III, Baylor, rJr., 6’2” 220 Lbs. – There will be some that are blown away by how intelligent Griffin is. He also knows exactly what to say. The thing that we have to remember is that Luck does those same things as well. EVEN

3. Nick Foles, Arizona, rSr., 6’5” 244 Lbs. – After RG3 and Luck, there is a group of 3 quarterbacks that all have flaws but could each be talented starters. Foles has to improve on footwork and consistency. EVEN

4. Ryan Tannehill, Texas A&M, rSr., 6’4” 222 Lbs. – Ryan gets front offices excited because he has the most room to grow and he’s extremely mobile. He has to improve his horrid clutch time, decision making and teams will also worry about his limited experience. EVEN

5. Brandon Weeden, Oklahoma State, rSr., 6’4” 219 Lbs. – Weeden has the maturity, the professionalism, and great accuracy. It’s obvious that his age and old baseball injury will drop his value. EVEN

6. Kirk Cousins, Michigan State, rSr., 6’2” 209 Lbs. – Cousins will WOW everyone when he’s doing a workout. The untrained eye will want to overvalue him. At the Senior Bowl and the Combine, he looked like a first round talent. On game film he makes horrible decisions when faced with a blitz and also stares down receivers. +2

7. BJ Coleman, Tennessee-Chattanooga, rSr., 6’3” 234 Lbs. – Here’s another guy that looks the part but will also have questions. Coleman didn’t face the toughest competition week after week. When he did, he was surrounded by lesser talent and still looked the part. It’s still a big jump from Chattanooga to the NFL. -1

8. Russell Wilson, Wisconsin, rSr., 5’11” 203 Lbs. – Wilson excels in workouts like Cousins and has the professional baseball background like Weeden. He also has great game film but every quarterback that comes in sub 6’0 will automatically cause worry. It only takes one team to fall in love with him and he could easily skip up this list. -1

Recorded February 20th

9. Brock Osweiler, Arizona State, Jr., 6’7” 240 Lbs. – I don’t understand the fascination with Brock. He’s a poor man’s Philip Rivers. He’s awkward, bad mechanics, throws a million screens, and just flings the ball. Just like Rivers struggled when he lost Darren Sproles, LT, and Gates was injured, Osweiler will too struggle unless they just ask him to throw to his safety precautions underneath and mix in the occasional long fling down field to a 6’5 receiver like Vincent Jackson. EVEN

10. GJ Kinne, Tulsa, rSr., 6’1” 234 Lbs. – There are a few guys that could crack this tenth spot. None of them really excite me. Austin Davis and Jordan Jefferson had good combines but Jordan has a rocket arm and doesn’t have much game film to point as proof that he can be a pocket passer. He’ll get his shot as an UDFA. Davis made me go back and watch his tape again and I came away still believing that Kinne was a better passer. Once again, the height on both, Kinne and Davis place them behind the eight ball. EVEN

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