2012 NFL Draft Winners: Ryan Tannehill’s Fiancée, Matt Kalil’s Mom (Photos)


You don’t need to be a football player to steal the show at the NFL Draft. On a night filled with surprise trades, strange selections and mild disappointments, the real stories of the whole shindig wound up being completely unrelated to anything that any teams actually did.

In fact, most of the intrigue coming out of Thursday's big event surrounds two superstars that the general public has never seen in shoulder pads: Ryan Tannehill’s fiancée and Matt Kalil’s mom.

Tannehill, who went to the Miami Dolphins at No. 8, came accompanied by Ms. Lauren Ufer – a budding model (via The Big Lead) and graduate of Texas A&M University with a degree in Communications and a minor in Psychology (via The Eagle).

This is her (via The Eagle and Bleacher Report):

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The other big star of Thursday’s draft wound up being Kalil’s mom. We don’t know as much about her as we do about Ms. Ufer, but here are some pictures of her anyway (via Sports Grid):

Based on everything noted above, it’s probably safe to say that Tannehill and Kalil are our big winners today. Maybe not in the draft – but definitely in life.

(Kudos to Lost Letterman for the main photo)

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