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2012 NFL Draft Review: Getting to Know Falcons' Peter Konz

The Falcons went north not once but twice in the draft when they chose Wisconsin Badgers. In the second round we grabbed center Peter Konz and we went back to the well in the fifth round snatching up fullback Bradie Ewing. We dialed up our buddy, Andrew Coppens, from the Wisconsin Badgers site on the Bloguin Network, Madtown Badgers, to get some questions answered about Peter Konz.

Grits Blitz: What are his best and worst attributes?

Madtown Badgers: Peter is a guy that will work hard and is also extremely smart.  He's also a better than perceived athlete and was someone that you'd see pulling from the center spot as well.  Honestly there's not much you can say is wrong with his play, he's a Wisconsin offensive lineman, meaning we grow them big and athletic around here.  Perhaps the only knock on him is that he may be a bit weak in upper body strength, but that's something easily corrected in an NFL weight room.  Some may worry about an "injury history" with him, but he's also shown to be one heck of a healer with those injuries as well.  I don't put much stock in that line of thought though because the injuries were freak accidents.  On the plus side, you'll also enjoy his personality as he's a guy that doesn't take himself too seriously.

Grits Blitz: Do you see Konz strictly as a center or does he have the ability to slide over and play guard?

Madtown Badgers: I don't see him as a guard, I honestly think his attributes are best served at center in the NFL.  He's got the athletic ability to play there, but I just don't see him sliding over.

Reader question from @PerfectVirus: Is he injury prone? Seems he has not played a full season in awhile.

Madtown Badgers: I already hit on this question earlier, but I'll go a bit more in depth on this one.  He had some issues with blood clots, but they were something that was totally out of the ordinary.  Last season he dislocated his ankle, but that was a freak accident that occurred when a player rolled up on him.  He was nearly healthy enough to return for the Rose Bowl and has passed every physical taken including at the combine.  Sometimes freak things happen and that's exactly what occurred to Konz, so if I were a Falcons fan I honestly wouldn't have any injury issues with him.  It's not like he has a bad back or has a history of knee injuries - those would be red flags for me on the offensive line.

Come back tomorrow and we will tell you what Andrew had to say about Bradie Ewing.

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