2012 NFL Draft: 5 Players the Buffalo Bills Will Avoid

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By Rob Kotaska

Tomorrow begins day (night) one of the 2012 NFL Draft, an event sure to be crushed in the ratings by not one, but two game sevens in the NHL Playoffs. (read with sarcasm, eh).  The Bills have the 10th pick overall.  Pundits everywhere who seem to know jack and squat have them pegged at reaching for a tackle.

As stated before in comments: the Bills O-line, while far from perfect, is not the weakness that all these experts think.  Look at the stats: least amount of sacks, 4.9 yards per carry (tied for 4th)…move on from that thought…unless they can get Kalil (which is rumored, and I would love).

#5 on my list of players or positions that better not get the call tomorrow: Any running back.  It seems far-fetched, but the scars of the Donohoe, Levy and Russ Brandon drafts prior to the Nix regime linger.  If only Ngata instead of Whitner… oh so many “if onlys”

#4 – Michael Floyd, WR, Notre Dame.  I like him, but not this high and not in this draft. They say receiver is deep.  I am willing to take the derided experts take on the prospects, not the pros.

#3 – any D-lineman.  You can always use another rusher, unless you spend over 120 million on pass rushers in free agency.  Pass on the youts…please.

#2 – any tackle but Kalil. (Unless they trade down and get some more picks.)

#1- Ryan Tannehill.  In Fitz we trust, at least more than a converted wide out with huge upside.  You know who else had great upside?  Todd Collins, JP Losman, Trent Edwards….so enough Bills fans.  Let’s see what Fitz can do.

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