2012 NFL Combine News and Notes: Robert Griffin III, Alshon Jeffery, Chris Rainey and More

The on-field activities have gotten under way at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis. The special team players have taken to the field and the offensive linemen and tight ends have started their workouts.

The quarterbacks, wide receivers, and running back have showed up today and have taken a lot of the headlines. While the week’s main focus is on the prospects, any time you get the league’s decision makers in one place, a lot of rumors and stories will run rampant.

Here’s all of the buzz from Friday in Indy.

  1. Robert Griffin – My biggest concern about Griffin was how much did Baylor exaggerate on Griffin’s 6’2″ listed height. I also felt that his teammate, Kendall Wright might scare off some people by coming in under his listed height of 5’10″. Amazing, the school did right by both players and under sold and over delivered. Griffin and Wright both came in taller than than their listed height. Now that Griffin has officially been listed at 6’2″ and 3/8, he can now be graded on field work alone.
  2. Alshon Jeffery – The rumors have mounted about Jeffery being up to 249 pounds and running a 4.99 40 in recent weeks. He showed up and weighed in at 216 and his hands measured off the chart. While many feel that he’s now catapulted himself back into the first round, I’m still hesitant. Jeffery has decided to not run the 40 in Indy. Our biggest concerns surrounding Jeffery was about his weight and not getting separation on film. While many may be amazed that he’s down to 216, it does nearly nothing for me. I’m in my 30′s and I’ve dropped 20 pounds in just a little over a month. So, why would a kid that’s in the prime of his life get so out of shape and more so, why would I be impressed by him getting in to shape for a job interview that will pay him millions? What happens after he gets his pay day? What happens as he gets older and there’s no one driving him to stay in shape and dropping weight gets even harder? All I’m saying is, don’t let the red flags disappear from this kid and buy at your own risk. SIDE NOTE: Jeffery also said that Janoris Jenkins is the best cornerback that he ever faced.
  3. Chris Rainey – One of the flashiest events this week is the 40 yard dash. The most talked about record is Chris Johnson’s official 40 time of 4.24. Rainey has come out and said that he feels he can run a sub 4.2. He also admits that his own personal best is 4.23. Players forget every year that the combine speeds are always a little bit higher than their pro days or anywhere else that they have ever ran them. Trindon Holliday and Jacoby Ford are probably the two fast guys that I’ve seen come into the NFL. Both of them broke Chris Johnson’s 4.24 time. Holliday ran a 4.21 and Ford ran a 4.22. Both of those were unofficial and later changed to 4.28 for Jacoby and 4.34 for Trindon. I expect Rainey in the high 4.2s when the official time comes out.
  4. John Elway on Tim Tebow – Obviously John Elway can’t conduct an interview at the combine without Tim Tebow being the first question asked. He did have some interesting statements. Elway said that he wanted Tebow to be the franchise guy for a long time. He also said that Tebow will be the starter heading into camp. When asked about the type of quarterbacks he would be looking into, he said that he wanted guys that wanted to play in Denver and he wasn’t to fond of the thought of picking up a guy who plays a similar game as Tim. He also said that the Broncos will meet Tebow in the middle on the style of offense they’ll run in 2012. It seems to me that Elway is definitely looking for alternate solutions but he’s trying to go about it in the most politically or Tebow correct way. I think Tim will have a short leash in camp and during the 2012 season if he’s allotted to start.
  5. Jake Locker / Matt Hasselbeck – Mike Munchak said that he will definitely have a quarterback competition and that Jake and Matt are really close as far as friends. He believes that competition all over the roster makes the team better. It all sounds nice but the job is Locker’s and this is the best way to get Hasselbeck back to be Jake’s veteran backup in 2012.
  6. Vincent Jackson - The San Diego Chargers met with Vincent Jackson last night. They are making a play for him and definitely want him to remain with the team. The franchise tag for Jackson would be over $13 million. San Diego seems to want it’s cake and eat it to. They need V Jack to be their date to the prom but they don’t know if they want to marry him. They either need to lock him up long term or let him catch on somewhere else. Hey San Diego, if you love something, let it go…or give it a multi-year contract.
  7. Pierre Garcon – I haven’t heard the terms of the deal but reportedly, the Indianapolis Colts offered Pierre a five year contract. He decided against it. Without knowing the terms of the deal, I don’t know the reason he turned it down. Speculating, he may have felt he deserved more money or maybe it has something more to do with the organization. Garcon just watched this team get dismantled from the general manager on down. He doesn’t know if Peyton Manning will be back or if he’s catching passes from a rookie quarterback with a new head coach and completely made over front office. After having a 2-14 season and combining it with this sideshow of an offseason, maybe he’s just decided that a fresh start is in order.

That’s what the buzz was on Friday in Indianapolis and I’m sure the next four days will be surrounded by more rumors and happenings.

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