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2012 NFL Breakdown: Arizona Cardinals vs. Chicago Bears

After finally getting back in the win column last week, one can only hope Arizona Cardinals fans relished it and then some. This Chicago Bears team has its backs against the wall, its playoff hopes to keep alive, and a reeling team to pounce on and try to regain some confidence. Things aren’t looking good if you’re a Cardinals fan today. They’ve nothing to play for, a 6th round pick at quarterback and one win in their last ten games. Barring a Christmas miracle, expect that the Bears are, who we think they are, and as such this game is theirs to lose.

He still doesn’t have a touchdown, but Ryan Lindley almost looked like an NFL quarterback last week. He completed 14 of 21 passes, and had only one interception. Baby steps out of the embarrassing state the position of quarterback has been for the Cardinals this season. If the Cardinals are going to have some small, minute, barely existent chance at victory they will need to see continued improvement from Lindley. Beanie Wells having another solid outing could go a long way in helping his rookie quarterback. Brian Urlacher won’t be playing, and running the ball might be the best option for the Cardinals. Especially with both the Bears starting cornerbacks healthy.

The defensive game plan starts, and ends with Brandon Marshall, with a side helping of Matt Forte. Brandon Marshall has about 1100 more receiving yards than the next Bears receiver, so it’s a one man show in the pass attack for the Bears and if Peterson, with a little or a lot of safety help that goes a long way in increasing the Cardinals chances for success. The defensive front is also going to have to get pressure for the Cardinals to have a chance at success. The Bears offensive line is some kind of awful, and exploiting that with their star defensive ends will definitely help their cause.

Not that the Cardinals really have a chance in this game, but what good would it do them to win this game anyways? Time for the Cardinals to keep on losing their way to a brighter tomorrow, and I’m sure the Bears are more than happy to oblige. I’m thinking the Bears got this game by a score of 24-9.


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