2012 NCAA Championship Game Notes


Last night, the NCAA mens basketball finals took place between Kentucky and Kansas. A fun game it was! This is when we get stuck into college ball here at NBAtipoff. Here are some observations from last nights battle:

  1. 1st Half pace is awesome! Blistering to say the least.
  2. Marcus Teague is a better shooter than his brother, looks like he'll be a super dynamic NBA guard.
  3. Jeff Withey is a great shot blocker, but needs to work on trying to keep the ball inbounds when blocking (he kept the ball in bounds on one of his four blocks last night).
  4. MKG’s (Michael Kidd-Gilchrist) early hard foul wasn’t a problem for him and he kept playing and found rhythm.
  5. Physicality of the game is tremendous. Not too much, not too little.
  6. College ball should feature jump balls like the NBA!
  7. The game really slowed down in the latter half of the first half. Less frenetic pace to the game.
  8. Kansas needs to get their offense going (about the 7 minute 14 mark of the first half). Kentucky is able to get in semi-transition and Kansas has to rush to setup.
  9. Kansas going into halftime look demoralized. They need to hold themselves differently.
  10. Kansas showing some signs of life early in the 2nd half
  11. Kansas defense is much better to start the 2nd half. That fueled their offensive improvements.
  12. Kansas keeps making little runs, but if they claw back to tie or lead, can they push through and win?
  13. Kansas is close (down 10), but their conditioning will really be tested if they try and take control of this game.
  14. Defense intensifying for both teams as crunch time approaches.
  15. Kansas still needs a huge amount of energy just to squeak out a win. Looks tough.
  16. Marcus Teague hit a big three. Kansas comes right back and does the same thing though!
  17. Kansas had a turnover at a time when they really couldn’t! Under a minute to go, that’s tough.
  18. Kentucky had too much of a lead. Kansas didn’t have enough energy to get back into the game, let alone take the lead!

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