2012 NBA Western Conference Finals Recap: Spurs vs. Thunder Game 3 - Opposing Views

2012 NBA Western Conference Finals Recap: Spurs vs. Thunder Game 3

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WEST Finals * Game 3 * Spurs lead series, 2-1

The Thunder made ONE huge adjustment that made the difference in this game. Thabo Sefolosha was set to guard Tony Parker.

The Spurs were in the game for only about the first 15 minutes. And even then, the Thunder got off to such a blazing start that this night just seemed to belong to Oklahoma City's boys.

Parker couldn't penetrate (heh-heh, heh-heh) like he wanted to. The Spurs, who scored 92 points in the paint in the first two games, couldn't do anything inside (44-24 advantage by the THUNDER). The passing lanes weren't as open as they used to. San Antonio turned the ball over 21 times.

As for the Thunder? It was kind of weird to see them move the ball around. But they did it to the tune of 23 assists. OKC took care of the ball and only turned the rock over seven times. And while their usual trio didn't set the world on fire, that same Sefolosha guy poured in 19 points (4/10 behind the arc). He even added 6 rebounds and 6 steals. EASILY the main difference in the game.

Oklahoma City led as many as 27 points. No Clipper comeback was going to happen. And now Coach Pop has to figure out how to counter this Thabo wrinkle.

Kevin Durant led OKC with 22 points while Russell Westbrook had a 10-7-9 line. Parker only went for 16 points, which is the same amount of points that Stephen Jackson got. Tim Duncan shot 5/15 and finished with 11 points.

But let's give Mr. Thabo Sefolosha a shoutout. Thabo is straight out of Switzerland and, quite honestly, I don't know very many famous people from Switzerland. Well... there's Roger Federer...

Let's see what happens in the East next.

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