2012 NBA Western Conference Finals Recap: Spurs vs. Thunder Game 2

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WEST Finals * Game 2 * Spurs lead series, 2-0

From the opening tip, it was all San Antonio. If it's not a Tony Parker midrange jumper, it's a Tim Duncan jumper. If it's not Parker passing the ball on the pick-and-roll, it's Tiago Splitter finding the open man. If it's not a Stephen Jackson three, it's Danny Green or Matt Bonner from behind the arc.

The point is the Spurs were playing some of the most beautiful basketball we had ever seen. It was endless movement and pick-and-rolls galore. The Spurs were so patient on working the offense and with guys working tirelessly to find open spots, it was like a machine (not you, Sasha Vujacic). The 11-point Spur halftime lead doubled in the middle of the third quarter. If you find this brand of basketball to be boring then you might as well find a new sport to watch because this is as pretty as you can get.

In an attempt to stop the freeflowing basketball, the Thunder decided to be Scrooge McDucks by fouling Tiago Splitter near the end of the third quarter when they were down sixteen. Splitter would end up making 5/10 freethrows in that span but it was still a 16-point San Antonio lead at the end of 3.

James Harden tried to lead Oklahoma City back. They managed to cut the lead down to 99-93 as OKC used their length and ran back when the opportunity struck. But Parker found holes and was able to penetrate through the defense once again like he was doing earlier in the game. His lay-up and jumper brought the lead back to double digits. Finally, Manu Ginobili countered Derek Fisher's three with a shot of his own from downtown to put the game away. Except for that late rally, the Spurs put the Thunder in the bus and drove them to school.

Parker was incredible with 34 points (16/21 on the field) and 8 assists. Ginobili had 20 points off the bench and Kawhi Leonard (18 pts and 10 rebs) and Duncan (11 pts, 12 rebs, 6 dimes, 4 blocks) had double doubles. And fries.

Kevin Durant probably had one of the more quiet 31-point games around. Harden had 30 points and Russell Westbrook finished with 27-7-8. Fisher did score 10 points but was a horrendous 2 for 11.

The Spurs look really good right now; they've won 20 straight games. It's a real tall order for OKC to win four of their next five against the same San Antonio team. But the comforts of home can do wonders for the Thunder as they will play in Chesapeake Arena for Game 3 on Thursday.

Eastern Conference Finals today. I don't exactly look forward to this.

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