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2012 NBA Trade Rumors: Grizzlies, Hornets, Mavs, Rockets, Spurs

The San Antonio Spurs are knee deep in a chase for the championship this year and, while nobody really expects them to make a major move before the deadline, they are looking into at least one interesting potential trade.

The Dallas Mavericks and Houston Rockets, meanwhile, are both looking past this season. For them, it's more about trying to position themselves to contend in the future than contending today. The Memphis Grizzlies are young and talented, which is probably why outside of a few murmurs here and there, they've largely steered away from trade talk. And the New Orleans Hornets, after participating in the biggest trade of the preseason, appear to be content sitting in place and watching everyone else battle it out before Thursday’s looming trade deadline.


Outside of listening to the Indiana Pacers express their interest in O.J. Mayo, the Grizzlies haven’t made much noise on the trade front. This team is going to try to get healthy and replicate last season’s magic without any major tune-ups – something that makes perfect sense given the talent on this roster. And for what it’s worth, HoopsWorld is reporting that Mayo is no longer on the block. (If he ever really was in the first place.)


New Orleans was reportedly very interested in acquiring Brandon Jennings from the Milwaukee Bucks, per Sports Illustrated, but following the Monta Ellis trade, Milwaukee made it clear Jennings was off the block. (Again, if he was ever really even on it.)

The Hornets are also exploring various trade options for center Chris Kaman; however, his massive contract makes sending him elsewhere very complicated. Couple that with a recent report CSNNE about the Hornets not wanting to take on any additional salary in any potential trade, and you see why it’s more likely than not that he remains in New Orleans when all is said and done. For what it’s worth, though, the same report indicates that Boston is interested in trying to find a way to acqure the big man.

You’d think that with Andrew Bogut getting moved and Dwight Howard doing whatever Dwight Howard ultimately does, there would be an increase in demand for Kaman’s services. Apparently his contract is bad enough to deter all the teams out there who legitimately need another big, though.

The only other significant thing being talked about as it pertains to this group is Emeka Okafor’s contract. Per Sam Amico, the Hornets are actively looking to dump it. Whether they’ll actually be able to do so remains to be seen.


Dallas isn’t really in a position to make any trades this season, so outside of possibly handing off the artist formerly known as Lamar Odom to someone else (per ESPN, they won't), this bunch hasn’t been a part of any major rumors. More than anything else, the Mavs are probably watching the Dwight Howard saga unfold with bated breath – knowing full well that his future impacts not only whether or not they have a shot at him, but also what will end up happening with Deron Williams.


Houston has desperately been looking to make a move since the preseason, but it doesn’t look like there is anything out there for them anymore. According to Sporting News, there were talks between the Rockets and Los Angeles Lakers involving some variation of Pau Gasol for Kyle Lowry and Luis Scola at one point, but Lowry’s recently diagnosed bacterial infection apparently killed that deal.

PerCBS Sports, the Rockets were also in the hunt for Andrew Bogut before he eventually got dealt to the Golden State Warriors.

According to the Houston Chronicle there was some talk about possibly moving soon-to-be unrestricted free agent Goran Dragic – but so far nothing has come of that.

CBS Houston also noted that Kevin Martin (who was also supposed to get moved in that preseason deal killed by Stern) might get traded, however, all has been quiet on that end too.


The Spurs probably won’t make any moves, but they’ve been a part of at least one very interesting discussion. According to HoopsWorld, San Antonio, the Minnesota Timberwolves and Utah Jazz were looking into a deal that would land Josh Howard with the Spurs, C.J. Miles and Jamaal Tinsley with the Wolves, and Danny Green and Wayne Ellington with the Jazz. Those talks apparently never went past the preliminary stages, though.

All in all, it seems like San Antonio will stay put as presently constructed through the end of this year.

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