2012 NBA Trade Rumors: Bucks, Bulls, Cavs, Pacers, Pistons


The Chicago Bulls are the top team in the Central Division, Eastern Conference and the NBA as a whole, yet even they are reportedly not opposed to making a big trade before the looming deadline.

Meanwhile, after a lot of suspense and speculation, the Milwaukee Bucks made the first legitimately impactful transaction since the start of the season when they shipped Andrew Bogut and Stephen Jackson to the Golden State Warriors in return for Monta Ellis, Kwame Brown and Ekpe Edoh.

The Cleveland Cavaliers have a trade asset in Antawn Jamison, but it remains to be seen whether or not anyone will actually take him off their hands. And while both the Indiana Pacers and Detroit Pistons wouldn’t be opposed to tinkering with their respective rosters, neither really have the trade pieces to make any noise before Thursday.

Here are the latest trade rumors from the Central Division:


By trading Andrew Bogut to the Warriors, the Bucks essentially told the world that they believed Bogut’s best days are behind him. (Which given his injury-plagued career, would be very sad.) Instead, they’re going to bet it all on a backcourt of Brandon Jennings (who will reportedly not be traded, via the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) and Monta Ellis, two very strong offensive players known far more for their scoring than passing skills. The addition of Edoh has no drawbacks or question marks attached to it – that’s just a great move.


Chicago has been interested in acquiring a legitimate, offensively-capable big man for a long time. The Bulls have the pieces to dangle in front of the Orlando Magic in a trade for Dwight Howard but, as noted by the Chicago Tribune, the center has shown very little interest in teaming up with Derrick Rose on arguably the most complete team in the East.

With Howard out of the equation, the Bulls have reportedly turned their attention to a possible trade for the Lakers’ Pau Gasol. According to ESPN, at the moment, the prospect of acquiring Carlos Boozer isn’t something that’s piquing Jim Buss’ interest. If Chicago could get a third team involved, though, that very well could change.


Antawn Jamison initially seemed like the most likely piece on Cleveland’s roster to be moved. However, despite the New Orleans Hornets, Charlotte Bobcat and Atlanta Hawks all expressing interest in his services at one point or another, Sam Amico of Fox Sports is reporting that he’ll likely play out the season in a Cavaliers uniform.

Now, the Cavs appear to have turned their attention to trading Ramon Sessions to the Lakers. According to ESPN, the Cavs, Lakers and Houston Rockets tried to work out a three-team deal that would have sent Sessions to L.A., Jonny Flynn to Cleveland and netted Houston one of the Lakers’ 2012 draft picks. Thus far, however, that deal hasn’t really progressed beyond the initial discussions.


Indiana is currently sitting in fifth place in the Eastern Conference and doesn’t seem particularly inclined to make any major moves. According to HoopsWorld, the Pacers apparently looked into trading for O.J. Mayo – but talks with Memphis never really progressed. Along the same lines, according to ESPN, talks between the Boston Celtics and Pacers that would have sent Ray Allen to Indiana for Tyler Hansbrough and a first rounder also went nowhere.


Detroit would love to make a trade of some sort this season but, outside of young pieces management won't part with, this team simply lacks any assets that other squads would be interested in. For what it’s worth, according to the Detroit News: team officials aren’t indicating that any moves are imminent.

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