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2012 NBA Playoffs Review: Spurs, Jazz, Pacers, Magic, Grizzlies, Clippers

Back when I played in little league baseball there existed a mercy rule. The jist of it was as follows (or probably as I remember it): If after three innings you trailed by more than nine runs at the end of the inning the game was stopped and the score considered official.

It was a good rule that kept things from getting out of hand. Sadly for some of the teams tonight the NBA much like nature has no mercy.

Neither do fire extinguishers in Miami or the animators in Taiwan.

Let’s get to the boxscores and recaps.

A few quick notes before we go:

  1. Today we switch to New Wins Produced courtesy of Nerd Numbers and there was much rejoicing.
  2. The Boxscore contains:
  • Basic information: Player , Team, Game ID (Who,what and when)
  • Classic Stats:Points ,Shots, Offensive Rebounds, Defensive Rebounds,Steals,Blocks, Assists (Because the classics are classics for a reason).
  • Simple spins on classics: % of Team Minutes (player minutes as % of total minutes available), Position (average player position)
  • Posession and Play stats:Offensive Plays : Field Goal attempts + .434 Free Throw Attempts + Turnovers, Usage of Offensive Plays : % of Offensive plays used by player when in the game
  • All the classic Offensive Efficiency stats (and some slightly modded ones):Effective Field Goal %=(FG + 0.5 * 3P) / FGA,True Shooting %=Pts / (2 * (FGA + 0.44 * FTA), Points per Shot = Pts/FGA, Points per Offensive Play= Pts/Offensive Plays
  • Do it Yourself Offensive Point Margin Stats:Offensive Point Margin: this is the marginal value created by the player per offensive play spent. The calculation is: OPM = (Points per Play for Player- Avg Points per play for Player for League)*Offensive Plays for Player.Defensive Point Margin: this is the marginal value surrendered by the player per offensive play spent. The calculation is:DPM = (Points per Play for Opponent- Avg Points per play for Player for League)*Offensive Plays for Opponent. I’m doing this one by position averages per game.Combined Margin: this is just OPM-DPM
  • Rebounding Rates: % of Rebounds on Offense, % of Rebounds on Defense.
  • Points over Par. This is our points version of Wins Produced that tell you the direct effect of a player’s production on the games point margin.

Let’s be merciful and get to it shall we?

Spurs- Jazz #2

Image placeholder title
Image placeholder title

The Spurs showed up to play a playoff game tonight.The Jazz not so much. Super rookie Kawhi Leonard set the pace with Tony Parker. The Jazz pretty much stunk up the joint to a man.

As I tweeted earlier, the last time I saw a get almost doubled up in point in the first half I was playing NBA 2k.

This series looks over but for the requisite homecourt win for Utah (maybe). Did I mention I love the Spurs this year?

Pacers-Magic #3

Image placeholder title
Image placeholder title

While the Jazz got blown out at least it was on the road. The Magic cannot make that claim. The Pacers took them out to the woodshed in their own building. Hibbert and Granger led the pasting in the Magic Kingdom.

The Magic are really showing that they really miss Superman. I picked this as Pacers in five and that looks more and more right.

Grizzlies- Clippers #2

Image placeholder title
Image placeholder title

Finally, we get to the series that actually feels like for real playoff basketball. The Grizzlies were in an uncomfortable must win situation in this game after their historic Game 1 collapse and they delivered.

Image placeholder title

Yes, that uncomfortable...

Memphis had to overcome a stellar effort from Chris Paul but given that CP3 was a one man show, Speights, ZBo and Gay were enough to offset him.

This looks like a seven game series.

One final note, Nerd Numbers now has playoff numbers for you.


P.S. The first post has links to all the boxscores for the playoffs

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