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2012 NBA Playoffs Recap: Miami Heat vs. Indiana Pacers Game 6

EAST Semifinals * Game 6 * Heat WIN series, 4-2

Danny Granger, who sprained his ankle in Game 5, was ready to go.

And the Pacers got off to a fast start. David West and Granger scored 15 in the Pacers 19-8 initial run. And the Heat were in early trouble. Indy outboarded Miami, 14-3, in the first quarter as they led, 28-21.

But Miami was able to catch them easily at the start of the second period. While Mike Miller was making three-pointers, the normally reliable Pacer bench couldn't get anything going.

Dwyane Wade had it going on in the second quarter, though. He scored 20 points in that period alone. He would end up with 26 by halftime. The Heat held on to a slim margin at the half, 53-51.

The Pacers were still keeping it close even though they were curiously not going to Roy Hibbert inside. Miami was only up, 70-69, when David West got called for a technical foul. After that, Miami rang it up for nine straight points to end the quarter.

Indiana tried to close the gap but every time they did, they would turn the ball over and/or Miami would counter with a big bucket. Then it was closing time.

Wade and LeBron James scored the last 17 points for the Heat. The Pacers, who were acting like the bullies earlier in the series, had no more answers. Miami is going to their second straight Eastern Conference Final, where they'll probably get Chris Bosh back.

Wade was magnificent. He scored 41 points in one of his best playoff games of his career. LeBron had a 28-6-7 line. And they had some nice support in Mike Miller (FOUR three-pointers for 12 points) and Super Nintendo Chalmers (15 points).

Also, shoutout to Joel Anthony, who played great interior D tonight.

Even though Indy smashed the Heat in rebounding (37-26), their 20 turnovers killed them (Miami only had 9). West scored 24 points while George Hill had 18 points and Granger added 15. The Indy bench only scored a total of 13 points.

The Heat await the winner of Saturday's match-up between the Celtics and the Sixers. Meantime, tomorrow will be the first day in four weeks that the NBA will have no games scheduled. That's scary. I actually have to go out tomorrow night and do... something.

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