2012 NBA Playoffs Recap: Miami Heat vs. Indiana Pacers Game 5

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This was more like WWE Smackdown.

EAST Semifinals * Game 5 * Heat lead the series, 3-2

t was all Miami. But there was a lot of extracurricular activity. We'll get to that in a bit.

The Pacers never led in the contest. And they never seemed to get anything going in the offensive end. While their defense was okay early in the halfcourt, they got beat in the transition (22 fastbreak points by Miami and only TWO by Indy).

First, it was Shane Battier getting hot from behind the arc. Then after a hard foul by Tyler Hansbrough on Dwyane Wade, Udonis Haslem gave Hansbrough a double ax-handle. That hit only got Haslem a flagrant 1 but he's almost certain to be suspended for Game 6 because he should've been ejected right there. But hey, Demolition would be proud of that ax-handle.

Near the end of the first half, Danny Granger rolled his ankle after landing on LeBron James' foot. That seemingly was a turning point in the game as the Heat started breaking the game wide open from there. Granger tried to play on that ankle but, apparently, his adamantium skeleton wasn't good enough to heal his powers.

The Heat kept pouring it on and on. David West later went out with a sprained knee but the game was academic at that point. And then with 19 seconds left, Dexter Pittman annihilated Lance Stephenson (who gave the "choke" sign to Miami in Game 3) with an elbow smash.

He still stayed in the game but he's probably not going to see any more action in the playoffs. Not that it matters.

I had remarked on Twitter that for the Heat to win, they had to fight back against Indiana's bullying tactics. And they did. It didn't have to be LeBron or Dwyane Wade but Miami just had to fight back in some sort of fashion. Obviously, those hits were excessive and I wouldn't want it to be like that but the Heat sent a message that they weren't going to be bullied anymore. I expect for Indy to fight back in Game 6 in their house. It's not going to be pretty no matter how it goes down.

LeBron followed his Game 4 performance with another masterpiece; he had 30-10-8 in Game 5. Dwyane Wade scored 28 points. Indy's leading scorer was Paul George at 11 points; that's how horrid they were.

It's going to be hard if Granger sits out Game 6. But the Pacers are going to go down fighting. And I also probably mean that in a literal sense.


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