2012 NBA Playoffs Recap: Heat, Pacers, Spurs, Clippers

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EAST Semifinals * Game 2 * Series is tied, 1-1

The Pacers wanted to make a statement by jumping all over the Heat early. Miami, without Chris Bosh, wanted to run over them. And early on, the Pacers got what they wanted: ugly battles in the trenches and stifle Miami's exciting track meet brand of play. It was 38-33 by halftime in Miami's favor... but you know this is how the Pacers wanted it.

And the Pacers had their patented third quarter run. The Heat went over four minutes without scoring and guys like David West and Paul George came alive. Indiana outscore Miami, 28-14, in that all-important third quarter.

Dwyane Wade basically tackled Darren Collison from behind during what seemed like a 2-on-nothing break. After Collison made those flagrant freethrows, Miami went on an 11-4 run to close the score at 69-67, Indiana.

Wade's jumper put Miami on top, 72-71. Leandro Barbosa came back with a basket of his own. Miami had plenty of opportunities to take back the lead but they couldn't close. They had one final attempt to tie the game at 78 but Mario Chalmers' three-pointer was not true. (I'm sure Twitter went crazy once again because a certain MVP didn't shoot it even though Chalmers is a great shooter from behind the arc). The physical Pacers are going back to Indianapolis tied with the Heat at one game apiece.

West led the emotional Pacers with 16 points and 10 boards. LeBron James had a fantastic line of 29 points, 9 rebounds, 5 assists, and 6 steals. Wade had 24 points of his own. But no other Heat player scored more than 5 points. Ouch.

Suddenly, this series has become interesting.

WEST Semifinals * Game 1 * Spurs lead series, 1-0

The Clippers kept it close in the first half. Eric Bledsoe was tearing it up on both ends for the Clips. Then for the Spurs, they were keeping it old-school with Tim Duncan.

A mix of behind-the-arc shots (13 TOTAL to be exact) and Duncan inside broke the game open. The Spurs led by 19 points near the end of the third quarter.

The Clippers tried one of their now-patented comebacks. They got it down to 8 points but the Spurs were just too resourceful. On the other end, the Clippers' attempted comeback was marred by a lot of in-and-out shots. Maybe if they lessened the rotations of their shots by about 27 per second, their shots would've gone in.

Duncan had 26 points and 10 boards. Bledsoe tied his career high with 23 points. Chris Paul was limited to just 6 points... though he did have 10 assists and 5 steals.

The other two series will continue tomorrow.

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